Rebels Foolishly Take On Vader In Gory LEGO Stop Motion Short

The aptly named LordOf TheBricks has created what has to be one of the most gruesome Star Wars LEGO stop motion shorts that I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Its plot is simple. A band of Rebels have landed on Mustafar to take out Darth Vader, but no one told him that he was supposed to be defeated. Therefore, he does what we know him to do best, and that is kick the living brick out of every LEGO Rebel soldier who gets in his way.

What makes this particular Star Wars LEGO short standout though is its violence. For the most part LEGO shorts — regardless of franchise — are typically lighthearted and more geared at making you laugh. Well, that’s just not the case with this particular one, because it is as gory as it can possibly get for a short featuring cute looking LEGO bricks. You’ll see heads explode, torsos get pierced, and Rebels used as bullet shields in this short, which also doesn’t make a play date with Darth Vader look like much fun if you’re not on his side of the galactic conflict.

Head on up above to see what The LEGO movie would have looked like if it had a R-rating!


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