Recapping 9 of Captain Marvel’s Biggest MCU Lore Surprises

Captain Marvel is now in theaters, and it’s a pretty solid entry in the MCU. I wouldn’t call it the best, but it’s pretty damn solid thanks to the lore it adds to the MCU, and of course because of Captain Marvel herself.

What I enjoyed most were the little lore surprises it wove into its narrative. It was a different type of MCU origin story thanks to its 90’s setting, so it was able to provide some pretty cool moments that helped to further flesh out the history of the MCU, as well as establishing the most powerful hero to be featured yet.

There are a few standout surprises though that I wanted to highlight because they either fill in gaps for the MCU, or they set the stage for future events, so I found them to be awesome little revelations. I was genuinely surprised by them, and I appreciate what they do for the MCU as a whole, as well as how they position Captain Marvel in the franchise.

Please note the list below will contain SPOILERS for Captain Marvel!

Carol Danvers gets her powers from the Tesseract, aka, an Infinity Stone!

This to me is easily the greatest surprise to be featured in this movie, because it explains how Carol is so damn powerful by the end of the flick, as well as explaining how she may be able to give Thanos a run for his money.

Thanks to her work with Mar-Vell, who she thought was a human scientist, Carol is exposed to an engine blast that gives her powers, but it’s revealed that this engine was powered by the Tesseract, so she essentially got a blast of Infinity Stone power infused into her body. This is what allows her to become the strongest MCU hero to-date, as well as what seems to give her teleporting powers from the Space stone.

When you see her in action at the end when she’s full go, it’s impressive as all hell, so there’s no doubt that her powers are up to the challenge of taking on Thanos.

Carol Builds Fury’s Pager from Infinity War

There’s a great callback to the end-credit scene in Infinity War in which we find out how Fury gets the pager he uses as he’s being dusted. We learn that Carol builds it for him out of his old pager so that it can reach her up to 2 – 3 galaxies away. We also learn that she specifically told him to only use it during an emergency, which is one of the reasons he never pages her during the Avenger films, or possibly he was trying, but she was too far out of reach.

Either way, we now know how he got the pager, and why he used it when the shit hit the fan.

Carol’s Mentor on Earth was actually Mar-Vell

We finally find out exactly who Annette Benning plays in Captain Marvel, and it’s none other than Mar-Vell, the actual character that played a role in giving Carol powers in the comics. I liked the spin on this character, and it provided a bit of mystery throughout the plot until all was revealed to Carol.

Captain Marvel is the Person Who Gave Nick Fury the Tesseract

The Tesseract was the first Infinity Stone we were introduced to in the MCU, so it has a special place amongst them and the franchise. This is why I found it awesome that in Captain Marvel, we get more backstory on it in terms of how Fury had it in his possession at the end of Thor.

It’s revealed that Mar-Vell was using it in orbit above Earth to create a special engine that could essentially teleport a craft anywhere in the galaxy. This is how Carol was exposed to its powers and in turn gave her powers, because it was what was being used to power the jet that Mar-Vell had Carol testing when she blew up its engine.

Captain Marvel eventually finds the cube on Mar-Vell’s lab and holds it like it’s nothing, which was freaking awesome to see considering what happened to Red Skull when he tried to hold it, so again, this lady is powerful as fuck.

Anyway, she gives it to Fury to keep on Earth, well Goose the Flerken more or less holds it for him (Flerkens can ingest Infinity Stones!) until he cat pukes it up on Fury’s desk during the end-credits. It was just a nice callback to the cube and shed some light on how SHIELD came to posses it in the first place.

Goose is Responsible for Nick Fury’s Eye Patch

I had a feeling we’d get a backstory on why Nick Fury sports an eye patch the first time we see him in Iron Man, and Captain Marvel didn’t disappoint. Throughout the film, Fury is infatuated with Goose the Cat, which is actually a deadly Flerken. Towards the end, as they’re trying to escape a shitstorm, Goose is on Fury’s lap in a ship, and amongst the chaos Goose claws over Fury’s eye!

He tries to play it off like it’s just a scratch, but by the end of the movie Fury is shown with a makeshift eye patch, which confirms Goose is the one responsible for giving Fury his iconic look. He also tells SHIELD that the Kree burned it out, but we will keep his secret safe.

The Skrulls Aren’t the Real Bad Guys

There are more than a few twists in Captain Marvel, but one of the biggest to me is the fact that the bad guys aren’t really the bad guys. Towards the backend of the film’s second act, it’s revealed that the Skrull are just trying to find a new homeworld to escape Kree oppression.

This is why they are interested in Carol in the first place, because she has the same power signature as the engine Mar-Vell was working on for them to escape the Kree war. I should have known better that the Kree would actually be the big bads considering what we know about them from the MCU and Agents of SHIELD, but I was genuinely surprised by the twist.

Coulson Has Always Been a Rebel

There’s a great Coulson scene featuring him as a SHIELD rookie, and it shows that he’s always been willing to follow his gut over orders, which we’ve come to know as his M.O. from watching him in Agents of SHIELD and the MCU films. This scene also establishes why Coulson becomes Fury’s right hand man, because Phil bucks orders to save Fury on a hunch.

Captain Marvel’s Earth Absence is Due to Her Pledge to the Skrulls

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of this revelation, because one would think that Carol would’ve at least wanted to check out her home planet once in a 25 year span after remembering that she was human in the first place. But apparently, she felt the need to dedicate herself to Mar-Vell’s cause, which was to end the Kree-Skrull war by helping Skrulls across the galaxy relocate to a new galaxy out of the Kree’s reach.

This is why she’s MIA for all of the major alien and Gods events that take place in the present MCU films.

Captain Marvel Answers Fury’s Page

The mid-credits scene looks like it’s an actual scene from Avengers: Endgame, and in it we see that Cap, Black Widow, Rhodey, and Banner have retrieved Fury’s pimped out pager. It suddenly stops beeping, and as they stress about how to get it back on, they’re surprised by Captain Marvel herself! She’s answered the call, and she’s looking for Fury!

This scene also may imply that Carol can indeed teleport thanks to her Tesseract bath, so I hope we get more insights on her abilities now that she’s had decades to explore them since the events of Captain Marvel fully awoken her to her powers for the first time.

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