‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Delayed Until Spring 2018

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, no! Another game delay.” This day and age, game delays have now almost become an industry norm. Other games have suffered the same set backs like the latest South Park title, which finally has an official release date. Red Dead Redemption 2, originally slated to release this holiday, is now going to be showing its face in Spring of 2018.

Though this is pretty upsetting for a lot of RDR fans, I trust that Rockstar knows what they’re doing. With the hit games that Rockstar turns out, there should be no worry that RDR2 will be bad. Rockstar went on to apologize for the delay, but they are worried about putting out a complete, satisfying experience with Red Dead Redemption 2. To see some nice screens of the game, head on over to their website here. Rockstar did say we would get more information about the game this summer, though.

My money is on E3, which starts June 13th. Keep an eye on EB as we inch closer to the gaming expo.


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