Red Dead Redemption Dropping Some Free Goodies

Rockstar has announced that they’ll be releasing some free DLC over the summer for their hit, Red Dead Redemption.  Bonus!  The first bit of DLC should hit consoles on June 22nd and June 23rd for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively.  Another blow to Playstation fanboys across the world, queue the Microsoft bashing now!  The DLC will focus on Co-op play for you and three other posse members.

I guess there will be 6 missions overall for you and your buddies to conquer, and with this DLC we should also see new MP XP rewards, CHEVES, and more co-op challenges.  Remember, this is all for free!  I’d say that’s better than getting a happy ending at your local Asian Spa!  I’m all about free DLC that gives me more achievements to go after, especially with other gamers.

If the free co-op missions weren’t enough for your glass-half-empty ass, Rockstar will also be giving everyone the Expert Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits fo free too.  I guess they are doing this as a thank you for all of the minor glitches that effected the game at launch.  Now that is showing us some love!  Kudos to Rockstar if this does in fact go down.  Every developer should take a lesson from Rockstar when it comes to rewarding gamers for buying their titles.  You’ve been giving tons of free DLC, hopefully…

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Via [Gamespot]


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