Red Dead Redemption Going Machinima on Fox Red Vs Blue Style

Rockstar’s mega-hit, Red Dead Redemption, will be airing a machinima episode this Saturday on Fox at 12AM.  Machinima for those of you that don’t know is creating a short film using a video game’s assets.  Basically, you act out a script using your video game characters and the available ranges of motion that the game provides.  If you’ve ever seen Red vs Blue, and what it has done with the Halo universe, you’ll understand what machinima is.

If you’re down with this type of film-making make sure to tune in to Fox this Saturday, and watch the 30 minute RDR short.  Hopefully by Sunday someone will gank it and put it on YouTube by Sunday.  I’ll make sure to get a copy of it up on E.B. as soon as I can without getting sued.  You’ve been hog tied lady…

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Via [Joystiq]


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