It seems Rockstar got their geeks out of the closet and did some patch work on their servers, because I was able to get into some multiplayer action yesterday, albeit with some bugs, such as the invisibility glitch and a few connection drops.  Overall, I must say this is one of the freshest forms of multiplayer I’ve ever played, and kept me glued to the controller for over 6 hours.  Yes, I have no job, or life, but you know your jealous!

The public Free Roam portion of multiplayer is unlike anything I’ve ever played before.  You literally are dropped into the world with random gamers and go at it just like it’s the Wild West we’ve read about in our history books.  The moment I dropped in I was instantly getting harassed by other gamers who would buzz me with their horses and blow my brains out.  Once I got my bearings straight I really started to enjoy this no holds barred approach to a multiplayer lobby.

I found that getting into a posse with other gamers is where the true joys of Free Roam come through.  There’s nothing like seeing a band of digital cowboys and their horses riding together and conquering other gamers, or going after some AI outlaws in a gang hideout.  As long as you’re not in a room with a bunch of Xbox Live a*holes, the Free Roam experience is stellar.  If you do have a case of 10 year-old sh*theads ruining your public Free Roam, there’s always the private matches where you can regulate who plays with you.

Outside of Free Roam, the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer component also includes your typical deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture based games.  I found these to be quite fun as well, although I totally got pwned, and have some catching up to do with using a six-shooter to slay my foes.  The Mexican stand-off opener to each match is quite original, and makes for a frenetic start to each game.

My only complaint is that I couldn’t for the life of me join one of these matches with my Xbox Live party, because I kept getting the ERROR screen.  Hopefully, all the connection issues will be hammered out within the next few days, because they’re quite annoying.  I have faith that Rockstar will remedy these server load issues and invisibility bugs, now that they see how many fans of the game there are.  I’m tired of playing against invisible Elites from the Halo universe.  If you’ve played RDR you know what I mean by that.

Again, Red Dead Redemption is a badass game, and a must buy for any gamer looking for a new experience.  It truly is one of the most engaging gaming experiences I’ve ever played, and has renewed my gaming addiction after a lull these last couple of months.  Grab your copy today!  You’ve ridden on an invisible horse…

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