I finally had the chance to get some hands-on time with Red Dead Redemption, and to say the least I’m impressed yet disappointed at the same time.  Let’s start with the disappoint, which stems from a completely bugged out unplayable multiplayer component.  I agree that RDR is meant to be a single player game, but if you’re going to include multiplayer it should at least be functional at launch.

RDR multi, as of last night, is still totally funked up on the Xbox 360.  From early web reports this seems to be a widespread issue for most gamers that want to posse up and go at it Free Roam style.  Big let down, because the whole Free Roam lobby seems to be innovative as hell when it works.  I have had the chance to play some Free Roam private, which is neat to do some easy leveling up, but I want to go at it with more peeps.  Hopefully Rockstar has this shit cleaned up by today.  They need to get some geeks on the servers ASAP.

Outside of the glaring MP issue, Red Dead Redemption is probably one of the best looking and most alarmingly engaging games I’ve ever played.  The whole sandbox/open-world genre usually doesn’t appeal to me, but this new Western theme really has me enthralled right now.  I simply love the look and feel of the world, and the music compliments it perfectly.  The horse riding controls are slightly wonky, but not a deal breaker at all.  The true hero of this game is the world itself.

I literally have spent 5 hours just chilling in the desert.  I find myself thoroughly entertained by doing menial tasks such as hunting and skinning wildlife, picking flowers, and helping random wanderers in my travels.  The few main quests I completed were fun as well, but I keep getting side-tracked by the rest of the open-world pieces, that I don’t really care about moving the main story along right now.

Oh and by the way, RDR has little mini-games all throughout the world, and one of them is Texas Hold’em.  In my opinion this mini-game is almost worth $60.  It’s the best video poker game I’ve ever played.  It’s another example of the great things you have to do in the game that don’t relate to the actual story at all.

Red Dead Redemption, for the most part, is a masterpiece.  The only thing holding me back from making out with it, is the whacked out multiplayer piece.  If it wasn’t as broken as it is right now I don’t even know if I’d be writing this review.  I’d probably still be playing the game and ignoring my Buddha duties.  RDR has defined what a gaming Western should be all about.  With superb graphics, great music, and an engrossing single player experience it’s by far the best sandbox game to date.

Rockstar has truly hit the nail on the head with this game.  I have full faith that the MP will be patched, but don’t let that F up discourage you.  I give Red Dead Redemption a 9.5/10 only because of the multiplayer screw up.  It’s a definite pick up, so go grab it now if you haven’t already done so.  I’ll see you on the plains you scoundrels!  You’ve been thoroughly entertained by shooting random wildlife…

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