Red Faction: Armageddon Demo Proves the Game is Worth a Look

I finally got around to playing the Xbox 360 demo of Red Faction: Armageddon, and after doing so I’m sold on this latest entry in the series.  I can remember playing Red Faction back on PS2, and while playing the demo for Armageddon I couldn’t help but reminisce about the game’s roots.  Rather than taking the open world approach that RF: Guerrilla took, Armageddon is returning to a more controlled level design that harkins back to the original.

When I first heard of RF:A I honestly didn’t give it much thought.  I played Guerrilla and appreciated its level of detail when it came to environment destruction, but like most other open world games I quickly became bored with it, so it ended up getting traded in for cash.  I knew Armageddon wasn’t going to be open world based, but I still didn’t feel like the game would deserve a place in my library.  Well that mind set quickly evaporated once I played the free demo on the Xbox 360.

Red Faction: Armageddon IS my type of game afterall!  The gameplay consists of a 3rd person view that isn’t too different from the uber-popular 3rd person shooter, Gears of War, and it may even have better weapons than Epic’s blockbuster franchise.  Two weapons made a huge impression on me, and I know for a fact in the full game these tools of mass destrction will bring unique ways to eliminate your foes in any battle situation.  I’m referring to the Nano Forge, and the Magnet Gun.

The Nano Forge Paired with any Gun Will Make for Some Interesting Kill Tactics

The NF can rebuild any broken structure in the environment, so if you want to blow up a bridge that you need to pass just so you can wipe out a horde of bad guys, go for it, it can’t be instantly rebuilt using your Nano Forge.  In fact, the NF compliments the Magnet Gun very well, which can be used to draw two objects together with enough force to rip down an entire building.  With the MG I could take a huge I-beam on a bridge and use it as a weapon by attaching the other magnet on someones face, so the resulting action would entail a steel beam being introduced to my enemies face with enough force to liquefy him in the process.  Once the bad guys are toast I can just use my Nano Forge to rebuild the bridge I just used to violently end their lives.

Within a few minutes of using these new weapons I realized how much potential Red Faction: Armageddon could have when it comes to laying waste to enemy AI, but that’s not the only solid feature of this title.  Armageddon’s visual are not to be scoffed at.  I actually thought they I had my HDTV’s auto-motion plus turned on because the frame rate was so smooth.  This game didn’t hiccup once, even when I would take down a whole structure the frame rate didn’t stutter.  The game’s cutscenes looked very polished as well, which is a nice compliment to the solid gameplay.

Martian Guts Never Looked so Vibrant!

Without a doubt I’m now going to pick up a copy of Red Faction: Armageddon when it drops on June 7th.  As a demo should, the one for RF:A sold me on the fact that I need to play this game when it comes out, versus waiting a few months for it to show up at my door courtesy of GameFly.  I highly suggest downloading the demo as soon as you can, so you can take it in for yourself.  I feel like the move back to a more traditional 3rd person shooter, coupled with the lovely visuals and interesting weapons, makes Armageddon a solid contender for your May/June gaming budget.  I’ll be reserving my copy today, and so should you.  Take a look at some gameplay footage below if you’re too lazy to download the demo before 6/7.  You’ve been given yet another game to add to your list of must play titles…

Red Faction: Armageddon Demo Featuring the Most Boring Narrator of All-Time!



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