When it comes to reading comic books superhero characters/stories have always been my preference. I guess that’s because when I was a kid that’s what I was first introduced to. My Dad worked in New York City and would sometimes bring me home Spider-Man comic books he’d pick up from one of the newsstands at the NY Port Authority.

A few years later he gave me a small stack of Bronze Age Thor comics, which I of course still have. My Dad wasn’t a collector, but he did like Thor and had held on to a few. So, superhero comics kind of just became my thing and that’s what I started collecting and reading.

Nowadays I’m willing to give almost anything a try if it’s worth reading. And so it was with Reid Fleming The World’s Toughest Milkman created by the great David Boswell. A fellow collector and buddy in Canada put me on to him and I was hooked immediately. I purchased a hardcover volume that IDW published in 2011 which collected all of Reid Fleming’s shenanigans. I devoured it and have been singing his praises ever since.

The premise of Fleming was rather simple. He’s an obnoxious tough-guy that delivers milk for a living, his boss is a jerk, he drinks rye whisky on the job, smokes the occasional joint and takes crap from no one! And, no, he’s not bald, he get’s his haircut that way. He was paired with other oddball characters that made for highly enjoyable reading. It was also a new kind of comic book reading for me, but Reid Fleming has easily become one of my favorite characters.

In the 1980’s The World’s Toughest Milkman was extremely popular in the underground comic scene. If you want to know exactly how popular, I recommend watching this fantastic 12-minute documentary. And, if you’re reading this article, do yourself a favor and pick up Boswell’s Reid Fleming and give it a try, you’ll thank me later.

Also worth checking out is the Reid Fleming Facebook group. It was there I was able to score the beauty below, a one-of-a-kind original sketch by Boswell himself (click here for more info on that). These sketches are so great I’m contemplating getting another one. A big thank you David, I love it.


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