Relive The Awfulness That is ‘Attack of the Clones’ With ‘Sand: A Star Wars Story’ Parody Tune

These days some Star Wars fans want you to believe that the new movies created by Disney are some of the worst, and that they are even crappier than the prequels because at least George Lucas was in control. I contend that these people are on some sort of drugs, or that they were born after 1995, because there’s no way the prequels can be considered quality Star Wars stories unless you were a child when you watched them. I mean just take a serious look at Attack of the Clones to see why no new Star Wars film can ever be considered the worst, because this stinker already owns that title. The whole love story was vomit inducing, and the script made each actor sound like an emotionless robot. And we can’t forget SAND!

Speaking of which, the schmoyoho YouTube channel has dedicated an entire parody song to Anakin’s distaste for sand. It’s actually better than the movie itself because it makes the awful love scenes tolerable by songifying the dialogue. Anakin’s hate for sand becomes a catchy R&B single using just his cheesy dialogue that he spits to Padme. The result is pretty legit, just give it a listen yourself above. And remember, the dialogue is pretty much the same from the film, which should remind you of how bad it really is. And no, it’s not better than The Last Jedi, just stop.


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