Remedy’s “Control” Dev Diary 05 – Old and New

Remedy has made some of the best games of all time, they just seem to be few and far between. Their last major venture, Quantum Break was pretty good, but never really reached that massively impactful level that Alan Wake did. Of course, Max Payne can’t be overlooked, it laid a ton of groundwork for third person shooters for years to come.

Control is their newest IP and judging by the Dev Diaries, they seem to really be putting their heart and soul into it. Quantum Break always felt like it was just meant to show to cool stuff that the Xbox One could do, it didn’t ooze that charisma that their past games had. I’m hoping that Control will be a return to form for them and they’ll really just blow everyone away with it. Alan Wake is one of my favorite games from the last console generation, it’s incredibly underrated, and stands up incredibly well today!

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