2017  has not been kind to Destiny 2. Bungie was hyping up a game of epic proportions that was going to be nothing like Destiny 1, but boy were they wrong.  They added cut scenes and tried to flesh out a story to appease those that criticized there was a lack of story. Bungie did a complete overhaul of the companion app, eliminating a few things that made it worth keeping on your phone. Sadly, now it’s just used as means of transferring weapons. I might be in the minority here, but I miss Grimoire cards.

Things seemed much simpler playing Destiny 1. Maybe the lack of updates or engaging content was lacking, but if you were in a clan or at least had a dedicated group of friends to play with, playing was worth it. However, the introduction of micro transactions may have been the beginning of the end for Bungie.

Silver, the in-game currency for Destiny was introduced so that Bungie could continue putting out some free content. This all sounds great on paper, but never forget that this usually boils down to one thing, dolla dolla bills y’all. Wu-Tang was onto something when they released C.R.E.A.M. because cash does indeed rule a lot of things.

So what exactly is the big fuss about Eververse, The Dawning, and Destiny 2? The fuss is that in order to obtain some lovely Dawning armor, you HAVE to drop cash on Silver and get to buying them Dawning Engrams. Also, you have to HOPE that when you buy said engram(s), that you ACTUALLY get some Dawning armor. With engrams nothing is guaranteed, so in reality you could have just spent $50 on Silver and never have gotten that one, stupid piece of damn Dawning armor you need to have the complete set. Not to mention, that you may want to have a complete set on all 3 characters. It doesn’t matter that you get daily missions for the next 3 weeks to earn Dawning engrams, those are free and generally speaking, free items don’t give you the goods.

The idea that Bungie added something to the game for 3 weeks that in theory is about giving and sharing gifts with others, gives the impression to the community that Bungie is holding back. They want you to spend the money on Silver because folks, they are, after all trying to make extra money. What comes next when you want to be heard? You take it to the streets. Maybe not literally for a video game, but the digital streets that is and protest the removal of Eververse. It’s nothing personal against Tess Everis herself, but after the multiple forum posts her career might be in jeopardy.

Below is a tweet from Bungie game director, Chris Barrett, where he reiterates the phrase gamers love to hear, “We hear your feedback…”. At this point, how many times can the folks over at Bungie continuously say, they are listening to the feedback.

When Curse of Osiris was released, they rolled out a few updates and new items including Masterwork weapons which are a bonus, but may not be enough to fix the errors Bungie has made in the last month or so. While, most fans of Destiny 2 –  including myself remain hopeful, most veteran players have jumped ship already. Here’s to 2018 Bungie. It is, after all up to you where Destiny 2 goes from here.

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