Rend Hands-On Preview – All-Out Norse Warfare

Rend was one of the coolest ideas for a game that I saw at E3 this year, it was extremely exciting to learn about. The short and sweet is that Asgard and Midgard have been shattered into pieces, and you wind up on one of the chunks that has Yggdrasil (the tree of life) on it. There are multiple teams in each world (each server), all competing to win the favor of the tree by offering soles to the totem within their base.

How you obtain those souls is where the meat of the game comes from. You can get souls by killing things, whether they be animals or enemy players. You can create totems in smaller bases that will help you increase your harvesting or combat skills, depending on what you want to focus on. You can only be good at so many things in the game, you can’t be the best fighter, best scout, and best harvester, you can really only be like one to one and a half of those things. This is something I really like because it gives roles to the people in your base, and helps build bonds between groups. The dude who is good at crafting can’t exactly go harvest all the materials that he needs to build armor for the fighters. So the fighters have to go out with the harvesters to protect them, to bring materials back to be able to make the equipment. It’s a really cool system that everyone can play in a different want, it’s everything I would want a survival RPG to be.

The art style is really cool and fantastical, there are lots of big, beautiful creatures roaming around the different biomes in the map. There are also lots of big, terrifying monsters that will maul you to death in seconds if you’re not careful. It really feels like a living, breathing world that you’re locked in this war within. The game can take up to six weeks to finish one match, so you’ll be going back to the same battle over and over for a while. The idea is that no two matches will be exactly the same though, and one thing that helps this along are ancient Norse artifacts. Every now and again, an artifact will come down from Asgard and land somewhere in the battlefield, and there are tons of these things. They’re not all weapons either (don’t worry, Mjolnir is one of the items), but some items will help you traverse faster, or make harvesting materials really easy for a while. Overall, there’s a lot going into this game that makes me very optimistic towards it, and once I have a PC that can actually run the thing, I’ll be sure to give it a try, and you all should too!

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