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KEITH: So we got an answer to both of our most burning questions from last week–Arya is alive, and it definitely was her who got stabbed by the Waif. As sad as it was to see Lady Crane meet her demise the way she did, can any of us really be surprised? People who come into contact with Arya rarely live long, happy lives, and I think the fine folks over at the House of Black and White recognize this, which is one of the reasons why she’s able to walk away so easily. They know she’s going to be a wonderful servant of the Many Faced God, just not as a faceless man.

Seeing Clegane come back into contact with the Brotherhood Without Banners was also pretty awesome, and I’m rather curious to see where that leads. They’re headed north, so do we get to see them save Jon’s broody booty?

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NICK: You know, for a moment I thought there might be more to Lady Crane than we were led to believe. She seemed to have a decent amount of screen time for someone to be knocked off within a few episodes, but then I remembered this is “Game of Thrones” and everyone dies. I wasn’t expecting Arya to return to the House of Black and White after taking care of the Waif, but her brief interaction with Jaquen H’ghar was worth it. He finally tells her that she is “no one” and she responds with the name and place she’s held onto for so long. Has her time with the Faceless Man strictly been for her to realize her true self, or will Jaquen (or some form of Jaquen) pop up again before the show’s final episode, whenever that will be? How soon will she reunite with Jon and Sansa? When will she get the growth spurt every other child actor had on the show? Will Nymeria make a triumphant return? I need to know!

As much as I think I would enjoy a mash-up of Beric and the Hound, I think I’d rather see Sandor Clegane continue his journey alone. He’s always been a bit of a loner, even when he was Joffrey’s dog and escorting Arya around the countryside. I don’t see him willingly and gleefully joining up with the Brotherhood, and for his redemption story I hope he doesn’t. For so long this season it’s been assumed that the Clegane brothers will meet for a fight over a trial of combat, but Tommen and the High Sparrow took care of that this week. The king’s announcement left a stunned Cercei almost speechless after realizing her own blood just sealed her fate. The whole reason she had the Mountain revived is because she knew she would need him at some point, and not just in a hallway fight with the Faith Militant. It’s amazing just how much control Cercei is losing so quickly. But here’s my biggest Cercei question: what was the rumor she was discussing with Qyburn after Tommen’s announcement? She seemed pleased that whatever it was had substance.

KEITH: In an episode largely devoid of mystery, that is definitely the one question that has me totally puzzled. I remember Qyburn’s taking in of the “little birds,” but can’t exactly remember what he was asked to do with them? Do you think Cersei’s trying to dig up some dirt on the High Sparrow? Can the most reliable information network in the world bring down a man the most powerful families in the world seem otherwise baffled by? Who the heck else might Cersei desire information on? This should be interesting.

Speaking of the Lannisters, how did you feel about Jaime’s time at River Run? It was probably the shortest siege ever and failed to capitalize on what could probably have been a fairly said battle (although I feel like Weiss and Benioff are saving their “big battle” moment for next week’s episode). We also got a great opportunity to see Jaime’s dual personalities: good guy Jaime when he was hanging out with Brienne, and asshole Jaime when he was threatening Edmure.

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NICK: I was afraid Jaime’s Riverrun phase was going to be another long drawn out process a la Dany and Arya, but fortunately he made quick work of it by completely breaking Edmure. For me it was my favorite scene of the week, and brings Jaime back to that Cercei-minded being we were introduced to in season one. He even dropped “the things we do for love” line he uttered after Bran peeped their incestuous relationship. After all of Jaime’s highs and lows, last week’s chat with Blackfish Jr reminded us viewers that he’ll do whatever it takes to get back to his sister, even if it means putting an innocent child in a catapult. Edmure knows his only chance to survive is to take Jaime’s deal, especially since his own father doesn’t care if he lives or dies at this point.

“No One” didn’t show much fighting at all. Riverrun was overtaken in a matter of minutes, and we didn’t even get to see the Blackfish go down swinging. Arya and the Waif sparred off-screen, with the Waif losing out. And Dany returns to Mereen with no imagery of Drogon or her nomad army fighting off the slave masters. As you suggested, next week’s trailer is fully focused on The Battle of the Bastards, and the fact the fight scenes this week were missing certainly whets the appetite for that showdown.

To be fair, the episode wasn’t completely violent-less as the Clegane brothers made quick work of their opponents, but I wouldn’t exactly call either of those “battles”.

So is the impending battle for Winterfell where we see the demise of one Ramsay Bolton? Or do we sing the sorrows of another departed favorite?

KEITH: Jon and Sansa die, it turns out that Ramsay Bolton is the Prince Who Was Promised. How’s that for a giant screw you?

But for real, I have a feeling like this is going to be the moment Ramsay Bolton bites the dust, and I have a really good feeling that Sansa is going to be the one to do it. Jon’s going to be the one who beats him, but he’s going to let his sister extract some sweet, sweet vengeance on the man who raped her. However, some of this is just my own personal fantasy of justice in a land without justice, so let’s examine why Ramsay might finally be getting killed off:

1. He’s an evil little shit who deserves to die.

2. We know for a fact that Game of Thrones is wrapping things up, which means that more and more attention is going to be shifted toward the War in the North. The Brotherhood Without Banners is headed North, Dany is presumably going to be headed to Westeros shortly after taking back Meereen, and I really can’t see a pissant like Ramsay Bolton taking up valuable plot time for much longer.

How are you feeling about this? How much time does Ramsay have left? Does anybody nearer or dearer to our hearts bite the dust this week?

NICK: I think if your “screw you” theory turns out to be true, I might have to stop watching GoT.

No. No I won’t. I can’t stop. WE’VE COME TOO FAR!

I feel like it’s too obvious for Sansa to kill Ramsay, and GoT doesn’t often follow the most obvious path. However, I do agree that her ending Ramsay’s reign of terror would be some of the most satisfying justice the show could offer. When was the last time a Stark had a legitimate win? This family has been through the wringer too many times to count, so yeah, I’m hoping they go the obvious path and Sansa puts an end to Ramsay. Second most satisfying way to see Ramsay go would be at the hands of Wun Wun, who needs more screen time. I’m really looking forward to the giant during this battle.Like you, I can’t picture Ramsay lasting much longer.

I’m holding out hope that we don’t lose anyone major other than Ramsay. Sure there will be casualties on either side, but I’m hoping the likes of Tormund and the aforementioned Wun Wun make it out alive, just for entertainment’s sake. Also I hope Davos gets to stick around, as he’s become a valuable asset and consultant to the Jon and Sansa. I doubt a Stark dies, as the tide for them has seemingly turned, but that’s just the sort of peak we hope for only to have the bottom fall out. Maybe Lord Robin of the Vale tries his hand at battle and fails to make it out alive. Remember when he was training and almost got the arrow to the target? He’s practically a warrior!

I jest of Robin of course, I don’t see that missing member of The Strokes ever leaving the Vale, even if his army does. But Game of Thrones is nothing if not surprising, right?

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