Report Claims Apple Testing New 6-inch iPhone

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4
Comparison of an iPhone 4S vs an iPhone 5.

According to recent news reports, Apple is purportedly testing iPhones with a larger screen than previous models. The Wall Street Journal published an article stating that Apple could even be testing an iPhone with a screen size up to 6 inches, dwarfing the current iPhone 5 by 2 inches. While it’s evident that devices of this size won’t be released with the current crop of iDevices, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see them in the next few years.

Apple has stuck with the same sized iPhone – the same iOS layout even -since the very first iPhone. However, that began to change with the release of the iPhone 5, changing the device from 3.5 inches to a 4-inch display. Screen resolutions also began to change, forcing developers to update their software to keep pace with the multiple sized devices floating around the market.

Personally, I have always been comfortable with the 4-inch screen of my iDevice, and while I do think a bigger screen could prove interesting, I don’t see it being truly viable. That is, at least not unless they also made the phone wider to compensate for the additional length. So far the 4-inch screen has done well, but I can’t really see it being five or even six inches while staying the same width it is now. I also can’t imagine it being too comfortable to use with such a length, as that starts heading into tablet range, which starts becoming a pain to use.

In the end though these are still just rumored reports floating around, and not entirely substantiated. Am I slightly intrigued or excited about such a device from Apple? Yes, I would have to say I am. However, I’m still pretty happy with the current flow of things, so if it never amounted to anything I wouldn’t be any the worse for wear.

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