If Watch Dogs failed to satisfy your technological device control cravings, then perhaps Republique Remastered will. The game, which has just been released on Steam, tells the story of Hope as she tries to escape a secret Orwellian state using a phone she managed to come across. Controlling the world around Hope will be the only way for her to escape, and so the game relies on the players ability to recognize how he or she should progress using the technology that is at hand.

Camouflaj first released the game on mobile devices thanks to a successful Kickstarter, however now is the chance for PC gamers to experience Republique with a remastered version featuring some truly high spec graphics only capable through Unity 5. Republique Remastered is the first commercially available game to utilize the new engine, and boy does it show what it can do.

Take a look at a few screenshot comparisons below and see for yourself the substantial difference between the mobile and PC release. You can pick up the gorgeous new game right now through Steam.



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