Perhaps the most surprising moment of Sony’s E3 press conference was the revival of an old classic. Amid a few muffled rumors and some serious speculation, Sony officially revealed Resident Evil 7 this evening, showing off a new direction for the venerable franchise.

In the announcement trailer, Resident Evil 7’s new aesthetic was much more homegrown horror than genetically modified creatures, creating for atmosphere that falls more in like with a good ghost story than a campy zombie tale. Aiding in this was the heavy use of film-grain and camera cuts that can be seen in the above trailer.

Survival horror has had its ups and its downs over the last few years and Resident Evil 7 is in an interesting position due to this. Following the wildfire-like support of Kojima’s ill-fated P.T., home-horror has never been more in demand, but if Resident Evil can shake off its tepid status as of late and rise to the occasion is yet to be seen.

Based off the trailer and announced VR functionality, something tells me that Resident Evil 7 could be a game worth being scared of.

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