I think it’s pretty safe to say that even though Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order looks like a hugely promising single-player romp, most people are looking at it through squinted eyes. It’s pretty easy to not trust EA, being a company that’s published plenty of hollow-feeling “live-service” games that just suck money out of people. I think that their luck has been dwindling with that though, as Anthem seems like it’s already totally out of the spotlight. It came out less than two months ago and I don’t know a single person still talking about it, other than to poke it like a dead animal. Battlefront 2 was a BOMB when it came out and was wrapped up in so much bad press between the piss-poor campaign, plethora of loot boxes, and pay-to-win feel.

This time around, it feels like they’re letting the developer, Respawn really spread their wings and deliver a great game. Of course, we haven’t seen any gameplay, but it can’t be far away, because the game comes out in November. Respawn has basically done no wrong over the last handful of years, between Titanfall 1 + 2, and Apex Legends, they’ve been on a damn roll. The single-player story in Titanfall 2 was short, but really good, and showed that they can tell a great story, if given the time and tools.

The trailer shows Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan trying to go into hiding during Order 66. Jedi are being eradicated left and right, and he’s doing everything he can just to keep his head on his shoulders, as in not have it shot off by a storm trooper. If I can piece anything together from the trailer, it looks like at some point, he’s basically totally hidden his identity, and at some point, something makes him break cover. It looks like the story is gonna pack an emotional punch at every turn, and I’m so ready to see Respawn just explode their creativity all over the Star Wars franchise. Check out the trailer above!

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