Retrospective: Video Game Controllers

I came across this picture today and wanted to share it with you all.  For those of you that have been gaming for awhile you have to appreciate the evolution of the controllers we use to play games.  Just look at the old joystick and button controllers from the beginning of gaming.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve now moved on to motion controls, and even further beyond that with body controls when the Kinect launches.

Personally, I still think the Xbox controllers are my favorite.  They just feel right, and they’re very sturdy.  For someone like me I need a controller that can take some abuse.  I’ve gone through my fair share of 360 controllers, but they all put up valiant fights.  They remind me of the old NES controllers, which could also take a beating.  I remember using them as a mace, and swinging them violently about my room like I was a Medieval warrior.

What has been your favorite controller?  Is it the famous Xbox Brick that came out with the original Xbox, or maybe the Dualshock for the Playstation line?  How do you feel about motion controls?  Do you like getting physical while gaming, or do you like to sit there and collect cellulite on your ass?  How soon before we control games with our mind?  You’ve been taken down controller lane…

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