Return of the Jedi: Deleted Lightsaber Scene is Here!

Not only did George Lucas reveal a launch date for his Star Wars films on Blu-ray, but he also showed a deleted scene from “Return of the Jedi”.  I feel like I should have my Star Wars geek pass removed, because I’ve never heard about a deleted lightsaber scene from ROTJ.  I guess it must be well known lore, because the fan reaction in the video is very geektastic.

Anyway, the scene features Vader doing one of his creepy telepathic force calls to Luke, urging him to join the darkside so they can take out Palpy.  On Tatooine, we still hear Vader talking to Luke, but now we see Luke fiddling with some dildo looking device.  This just so happens to be the green lightsaber he constructed for himself, after his Dad made him lose his blue one by chopping off his hand.

This scene is kind of huge, considering it signifies Luke’s final steps to becoming a Jedi, just like his douchebag father once was.  I’m guessing this would’ve been within the first few minutes of ROTJ, because Luke seems to be hanging with the droids before he sends them off to Jabba’s Palace.  I wonder why Lucas left this out of the Special Edition, but added the campy band scene, and the crappy new Ewok celebration?  Oh yeah, because he likes sh*tting all over his work!

Oh well, check it out for yourself  below.  Let me know if you sound like the fanboys in the video when you first watch it.  Some of these people need more excitement in their lives.  You’ve been privy to lightsaber building techniques…


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