For the first times since ‘Revenge of the Sith’, I attended a midnight screening of a geeky movie with all of the other wackos when I went to see ‘Green Lantern’ last night.  Unlike a majority of the critics and angry fans I found the movie to be quite fun and enjoyable.  I think it helped to see it with other fans at midnight, which gave it that community feel, but overall it’s a quality comic book movie with a few flaws that are to be expected.

The one aspect of this movie that concerned me before seeing was its use of CGI, but I actually felt like that was one of the brightest parts of the film after screening it earlier this morning.  I honestly believed in Ryan Reynolds as a Green Lantern even though it was just his head that was doing most of the acting.  I thought the CGI Lantern bodies looked perfect, and if anything it just added to the whole comic book feel of the movie.  I also thought the full on CG characters like Kilowog and Parallax looked quite believable as well.  I felt like the ring’s powers were also done justice through the use of a computer and an artist’s touch.  I loved the various ways that they brought Hal’s powers to life, and some of his constructs were pretty amazing.  If you’ve felt like the CGI may be a little too much in ‘Green Lantern’ to make it believable, you can put those worries to rest.  I really do believe the film’s care takers did a fine job in bringing the Green Lantern Universe to life, so I’m not going to knit pick every last detail.  It works, it’s a movie about a superhero, so how real do you actually expect it to be?

The CGI Lantern Suites Actually Look Pretty Solid

I felt like the overall pacing and plot of the movie to be satisfactory as well.  I’ve seen some critics bitching about the movie not having enough of the Green Lantern Corps as a whole in it, but I have to disagree.  This is a starting point for the Green Lantern franchise on film, so this movie has to mainly focus on Hal Jordan’s journey in becoming the first human Lantern.  The movie may take some liberties in introducing Hal as a Green Lantern, but I didn’t feel like they were broad enough to diminish the film’s overall plot.  Hal and his struggle with overcoming fear may be forced down out throats, but it served a purpose to flesh out the movie’s main plot point, which is to introduce the Green Lantern Universe to a sea of new geeks who may have never followed it through the comics.  I’m one of these people, and I found the film to be quite entertaining.  Are you going to see one of the best movies of all-time?  No, but you’ll have a fun time while doing it, and isn’t that what going to the movies is all about?

Loved the Green Lantern Ring Constructs

In reading some fan and critic reviews I’ve come to question if these people know how to let loose and just relax while watching a film of this nature.  I mean it’s a f*cking comic book movie!  You’re not going to get a deep experience, or harvest the meaning of life from it, but that’s not what the ‘Green Lantern’ film is about.  It’s about letting your imagination roll, and getting in touch with your inner geek.  I love movies that make me forget that I’m an aging person in a world full of sh*t.  I like serious movies, but not as much as fictional ones.  I just like to escape from real life while watching flicks, so more often than not I’m going to enjoy a film like ‘Green Lantern’ versus a movie more in line with ‘The Kings Speech’ (great movie by the way).  Whereas someone who enjoys more serious movies may have less fun at a flick like ‘Green Lantern’.

Must Admit That This Hector Fellow Felt Kind of Odd

I will give the critics one thing though, some of the acting is pretty B grade.  ‘Green Lantern’ features some dialogue that isn’t too far off from another geeky franchise in Star Wars.  It’s a movie that isn’t going to steal any scenes just with its dialogue.  ‘Green Lantern’ definitely needs its comic book charm to make certain scenes palatable.  I’m mainly referring to the scenes between Reynold’s Hal, and Lively’s Carol Ferris.  For some reason when these two are on screen together they reminded me of some of those vomit inducing moments between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman from ‘Attack of the Clones’, and ‘Revenge of the Sith’.  They just came off a little cheesy, and I’m going to chalk that up to Blake Lively.  I’m not saying she’s horrible, but she just didn’t deliver on some of her scenes with Reynolds.

Hot Yes, But Not Together On Screen

Deadpool did a decent job as the Green Lantern, but don’t expect any deep range like you’re used to while watching Christian Bale’s Batman.  I actually think Ryan Reynold’s brand of acting worked fairly well for his role as Hal Jordan, but again don’t expect any Oscar nods.  He did what he could with the material, and sometimes that’s all you can ask of an actor portraying a role set in the geek universe.  It can’t be easy to deliver some of the sci-fi like lines in movies like Lantern and Star Wars, so he did his job satisfactorily.  I bought him as Hal Jordan, and I hope enough people that know how to enjoy a comic book movie do as well, so we can get to see a sequel, which is definitely hinted at in the credits!

Overall, ‘Green Lantern’ is a worthwhile flick for comic book fans, or fans of geeky movies in general.  I wouldn’t put it on the same level as ‘Thor’, or even ‘X-Men: First Class’, but it deserves more credit than it is getting.  I found it to be an enjoyable experience, and for my limited knowledge of the Green Lantern franchise I felt like the film did it justice.  ‘Green Lantern’ is heavy on the CG, but it actually works really well.  Some of the Green Lantern constructs that the Lanterns come up with look wonderfully rendered, and the protectors of the Universe look just fine in their fake green bodies.  I did forget to bring up that the film’s use of 3D isn’t perfect, but it’s worth a look if you’re a fan of the third dimension.  If anything the 3D doesn’t ruin the movie, but it would’ve been nice if the film was actually shot using 3D rather than converting it after the shoot was done.

Hoping For a Sequel so We Can See More of the Corps

Sure some of the acting in ‘Green Lantern’ may make you want to punch the performers on screen, but it’s not half as bad as some of the interactions between Anakin and Padme on Naboo (f*cking awful).  I really do feel that ‘Green Lantern’ is a fun movie going experience that fans who don’t take things so seriously will enjoy.  Over the past few months I’ve become quite the Green Lantern fanboy, and I enjoyed the live-action movie to the point where I wouldn’t hesitate to see it again.  It does a good enough job of introducing the GL franchise to the masses, but I just hope that the angry trolls out there haven’t damaged it enough with their scathing reviews.  ‘Green Lantern’ deserves 2 hours of any comic book fan’s time, and for that I’m giving it an EB 3.5 out of 5 Stars!  It’s not the best comic book to film project you’ve ever seen, but it surely isn’t the bomb that some people are making it out to be.  Go see it today, so we can get a sequel approved for more Green Lantern Corps action!  You’ve been given the low down on a movie that is taking a beating in the press…

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