Review: A Gay Dragon Messes With Your Mind in More Ways Than One

I was given the opportunity to review a promotional copy of Redikod’s A Gay Dragon for iOS, and I can tell you that this game provides some seriously challenging puzzles in addition to its outrageous lead gay character – Melwin.  You see Melwin likes himself some Princes rather than female dragons and Princesses, which sets up the main goal of this game.  As the player you are charged with guiding Melwin’s pink self to the Prince at the end of the level, as well as picking up some treasure and other items along the way.  All the while you have to avoid some crazy females who are represented by both the dragon and human species that do their best to keep you from finding your Prince.  Sound interesting?  If so head on down below to read our full review!

A Gay Dragon for iOS

EB 7 out of 10 Buddhas

The Awesome: Simple yet complex gameplay, Risky concept

The Not so Awesome: Art assets aren’t HD quality, Title may offend certain gamers


The Awesome

Simple yet complex gameplay

The gameplay itself consists of some very simple mechanics, but that doesn’t mean that A Gay Dragon isn’t challenging, because it really is.  Essentially you are presented with any number of arrow icons that you have to place within the 3D map to ensure Melwin can make it to his gay lover at the end of the level.  Once you save the Prince you then have to ensure that your previous arrow placements allow you to return to the start of the level, which is also your Lair.  Like I said the mechanics are extremely simple, but the strategy and thought that goes into your arrow placements will cause you to use some of those cob web infected areas of your brain matter that haven’t been touched in years.

Simple concept doesn’t always equal simple game 

I’m no dummy, but I was challenged by this game right from the get go with the tutorials.  If you want to perfect a level you almost have to play it a few times to nail down the best plan of attack.  I can’t really say I’ve played a game that offers this type of challenge before.  The whole concept is unique to me, but it’s very engaging.  With all the gay stuff aside this game will force your brain to think in ways that a video game hasn’t challenged it to in the past.  The mix of simplicity and clever level design will keep you playing turn after turn to perfect each level, so you can gain new schwag for your lair.

In addition to avoiding female dragons Melwin must also avoid evil Princesses

On a side note A Gay Dragon offers a fairly comprehensive tool set that allows you to decorate Melwin’s lair with furniture, walls, fire pits, etc.  Basically you can enter the lair editor and customize your living space with the treasures you can unlock while playing the actual game.  I’m not saying that this component is on the level of Minecraft when it comes to empowering gamers to create, but it definitely falls in the same genre of Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and other games that encourage user creations.

You can deck out your lair with treasures you unlock by playing the game

Risky Concept

I really do applaud Redikod’s willingness to make a game that features a gay character even if he’s a big pink dragon.  Some other developers have included secondary gay characters, but I think Melwin may be the first gay lead character in a game.  I’m glad they didn’t make Melwin over-the-top, but they definitely didn’t shy away from his passions for Princes.  It’s refreshing to see that developers are willing to take a risk on their games with gay overtones, because I’d imagine those gamers who do prefer the same sex, would like to play with characters in the games they love that reflect their tastes in humans.


The Not so Awesome

Art assets aren’t HD quality

Unfortunately not all of A Gay Dragon’s art assets are in HD quality, which makes some of the menus look a little fuzzy on the larger iPad screen.  These same assets look better on the iPhone, but they’re still not the same high quality that you’d see in a game like Angry Birds.  I think it would be beneficial for this game to get a HD makeover, so it looks as sharp as possible regardless of which Apple iOS device you play it on.  The 3D maps that you play on look great, but some of the menus just don’t feature the same level of quality.

Certain menu screens just don’t look HD

Title may offend certain gamers

Now while I applaud Redikod for taking a risk and making a game about a gay dragon, I also have to point out the fact that this choice could serve as the game’s achilles heel.  Let’s be honest people, at least here in the US the culture is still fiercely against homosexuals.  I mean our government wastes valuable resources trying to prevent gays from getting hitched, participating in the military, and other inalienable rights that should be afforded to any American regardless of which sex they prefer.

Some members of society may take offense to this title

So imagine this same culture’s reaction when they see a new game in the App Store called A Gay Dragon.  A title like that sticks out to me, and it was what initially led me to posting the press release for this game, but I can guarantee you that the opposite will happen for other gamers who don’t have an open mind.  With that being said I don’t think this game will get a fair shake because it has the word “Gay” in the title.


The Final Verdict

A Gay Dragon is a very unique concept that not only pushes the cultural boundaries of gaming, but it’ll also push your lazy brain with its cleverly difficult puzzle gameplay.  I applaud the developers for taking a risk with this title, but at the same time I think it’ll hurt the overall sales due to the close minded nature of the gaming public.  The challenging puzzles will keep you entertained for hours on end if you want to go for perfection on each level.  I would’ve liked to have seen more crisp art assets, but as long as you only play A Gay Dragon on your iPhone or iPod Touch you won’t notice the lower quality visuals.  With all things considered I give A Gay Dragon an EB 7 out of 10 Buddhas.  If you love action puzzle games that’ll help kill some down time in your life then I highly suggest downloading this $.99 app today!

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