Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take a test drive of a new game from Dreamfab called Chasing Yello. This game is a highly addictive, endless runner that finds Yello (the goldfish) trying to escape a psycho girl named Mathilda. During your attempted escape, you will encounter various obstacles such as logs, logs on fire, rocks, piranhas, and at times even Mathilda who will try to capture you with her net. Now onto the review…

Chasing Yello

EB 8.5 out of 10 Buddhas

The Awesome

  • Fast paced action
  • Simple Controls
  • Power-Ups / Goals

The Not so Awesome

  • Glitchy Swipe Controls


The Awesome

Fast Paced Action

When I first fired up the game and started guiding Yello down the river from hell, I wondered if the game would even be challenging due to the slow pace. That all quickly changed as Yello made his way down river and psycho Mathilda starts running down the bank chasing him. Yello quickly speeds up to escape, but even then as you head down river, you will encounter arrows in the water that shoot you along even faster for short periods of time. There are times when you are moving so fast with so much happening on the screen, it feels like you are unable to react quickly enough. This might not appeal to all gamers, but to me this fast paced action offers enough of a challenge that it will keep the older gaming crowd challenged longer.

Psycho Mathilda chasing Yello with a net

Simple Controls

Chasing Yello offers a nice mix of tilt and swipe controls during game play. To make Yello move left and right you simply tilt your iDevice in the direction you want to go. The more gently you tilt your device, the slower and smoother Yello will react. However, when all hell is breaking loose and you need to quickly dodge left and right, a sharp tilt of your iDevice will make little Yello move with a sense of urgency. I was surprised how quickly Yello would react when quickly tilting back and forth.

To add to the mayhem, in addition to the tilt controls you will also need to use your finger to swipe up and down. A quick swipe in the up direction will make little Yello jump as if you were tossing him into a frying pan. This comes in useful when jumping over obstacles to collect stars or to keep from bashing your face in. On the flipside, a quick swipe in the down direction will make little Yello dive down under the water faster than Michael Phelps in the pool. This can be used at anytime to avoid obstacles or complete challenges, but to get by a log on fire that is blocking your path it is required.

Power Ups / Goals

During game play, you have the opportunity to collect stars on the way while trying to make your escape. All stars collected during the rounds are cumulative and can be used to purchase various power ups in the shop between games. In addition, each power up has 4 levels, which can be upgraded for additional stars. For example purchasing the Magnet power up will make a magnet appear at various times during your round. If picked up, all stars in the area will be automatically collected as Yello swims by during the time in which the power up is active.

There are also various goals you try to achieve during the course of game play. There are 3 goals active at all times, and upon the completion of each goal, you will earn the number of gold coins associated with that goal. Each level of game play requires a certain number of coins before you can advance. Some goals are simple, and some can be quite challenging. If you get frustrated and find yourself struggling to complete any of the listed goals, you have the ability to purchase that goal and get the coins for a certain number of stars. This is a nice feature that will allow you to still progress if you seem to get stuck.


The Not so Awesome

Glitchy Swipe Controls

The only real complaint I had with Chasing Yello is the occasional glitchy swipe controls. There were multiple times during the action where I would swipe up or down and Yello would do nothing but smash face first into the obstacle in front of him (Sushi anyone?). This was extremely frustrating when I had a long run going, or was on the verge of completing a goal. However, this minor glitch was not enough to make me quit playing the game.


The Final Verdict

Dreamfab has delivered a solid game with Chasing Yello. It is an endless runner that is highly addictive and even at times of frustration, I immediately found myself firing it back up to try again. There is no doubt that kids 10 and under would be entertained for hours, but even adults will find the game entertaining and challenging at times.

Even with the occasional glitch of the swipe controls, the fast paced action mixed with the power ups and overall game play is enough for me to give this game an EB 8.5 out of 10 Buddhas. And at a cost of only .99 cents in the App Store, you can’t go wrong especially if you have kids that like to play on your iPad.

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Chasing Yello iOS Launch Trailer


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