Review: Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by ZAGG

I received the ultra-sleek Aluminum keyboard case for the iPad 2 over the weekend, which is a fantastic accessory that resulted from a partnership between Logitech and ZAGG.  This lovely little tool is the most convenient way to both protect your iPad 2 while on the go, as well as providing a Bluetooth keyboard for those marathon typing sessions.  It also keeps the slim form factor of the iPad 2 for those of you that are worried about adding extra bulk to your iPad 2.  Plus, it’s made out of the same aircraft grade aluminum that is used for the iPad 2’s back cover, which provides for a space age looking tablet when you have it attached to your Pad.   Overall, it’s well worth the $99 for those of you iPad 2 users that need a keyboard solution that doesn’t require you to carry any additional peripherals while you’re on the road.


Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by ZAGG

EB 9/10

The Awesome -Look and Feel, Functionality, Price

The Not So Awesome – Keyboard Size


The Awesome

Look and Feel

Without a doubt one of the main reasons that I went for this keyboard case was the fact that it it looked just as sexy as the iPad 2.  It adds almost no additional thickness to the already mega-slim iPad 2, and when it is mounted to your tablet it looks like a match made in Gadget Heaven.  As mentioned, the outer part of the keyboard case is made out of the same aluminum alloy that is used in the iPad 2 itself, so it literally looks like Apple designed this bad boy in-house.

Hardly Any Extra Girth When The Case is Applied to the iPad 2

The inside of the case features a full QWERTY keyboard that also has a row of buttons used for specific functions such as cut, copy, paste, and iPod controls.  The inside of the case also has a rubber lining to snugly grip your iPad 2 into place when you have it mounted into the case itself.  This also prevents the iPad 2’s screen from rubbing on the keys.

This keyboard case uses some sort of magic to keep the iPad 2 mounted without making it a struggle to unmount when you’re ready to use your Pad.  I feared that I’d have to struggle each time I wanted to pry my iPad 2 from this case, but that isn’t an issue.  It actually feels similar to removing a tupperware lid from its container, so you don’t have to have Gorilla hands to break your iPad 2 free from its case.

iPad 2 Fits Snugly in the Case Without Scratching the Screen


I am utterly impressed at how well the Keyboard case from Logitech and ZAGG increase the already super functional iPad 2’s capabilities.  I can’t think of a more functional iPad 2 accessory for bloggers and anyone who needs to use their iPad 2 for more than just playing games and surfing the Net.  No longer will you have to peck around on the virtual keyboard while you type long articles, papers, or other word processing tasks.  If you couple this keyboard case with some sort of remote desktop app you will essentially have a fully functional laptop that can replace your bulky traditional one that only gets 2 hours of battery life.

Outside of the cases’s keyboard functions it also serves as a solid stand for your iPad 2.  You can just use it to prop up your Pad in either landscape mode, or portrait for those times where your lazy a*s doesn’t feel like holding the iPad 2 with your hands.  Like I mentioned before it also has a row of keyboard keys that perform specific functions such as controls to navigate and play your songs and movies, as well as keys for editing documents.  You can also lock your iPad 2 with the keyboard, and if that isn’t enough for you it also has buttons for searching the iPad 2, and one for kicking off a slideshow.


Some may balk at the $99 price tag, but if you consider that most iPad 2 cases run $40-$70 and keyboards can run up to $70 themselves, I felt like the $99 price tag was a deal.  You’re getting the best of both worlds for $99 in an awesome looking case, and a full functional Bluetooth keyboard that doesn’t add much bulk to your waifish looking tablet.  The case is made using Logitech technology, so if you’ve used any of their wireless devices before you won’t be disappointed.  If $99 is too much to spend on a case then you probably shouldn’t have an iPad 2 in the first place, so quit rolling your eyes you cheap as*!


The Not So Awesome

Keyboard Size

Due to the fact that I didn’t want to come off as a complete ZAGG homer, I had to list something as a negative about their new Logitech keyboard case for the iPad 2.  The only con I could come up with is the fact that the embedded keyboard is quite cramped, but what do you expect when you have an accessory for a device that is small in the first place.  If the keyboard were any bigger it would either have to be in a larger case (Boo!), or separated from the case itself.  Both of these options would defeat the purpose of having a case with a keyboard in it, so I understand why the keyboard is as narrow as it is.  I have decent sized sausage fingers, so I do struggle at times to type as swiftly as I can on a regular keyboard, but it is still way more efficient to type on the keyboard case than the virtual keyboard, so I’m splitting hairs with this gripe.

Protective Side of the Keyboard Case

The Final Verdict

The Logitech keyboard case for the iPad 2 by ZAGG is by far one of the hottest accessories to own for your little tablet.  It’s aluminum case matches perfectly with the iPad 2’s back cover, and it adds almost no bulk to the form factor of Apple’s magical device.  For anyone that would like to turn their iPad 2 into more than just an Internet browser, or videogame machine, I’d highly recommend checking this thing out.  It does a fine job of protecting the iPad 2, and the embedded keyboard functionality enables heavy word processing users the ability to type text in the same fashion that they would on a regular laptop.  At $99 it’s a steal when you consider that your getting both a case, and a Bluetooth keyboard in the same package.

Sure the keyboard is pretty tight, but unless your fingers resemble large bratwurst weenies you shouldn’t have that big of a problem typing on it.  Make sure to check out a small video demo of this case in action below, so you can get a better feel for it.  Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to show you how this case paired with the LogMeIn Ignition  app can turn your iPad 2 into a fully functional mini-computer that is cooler than any net-book you’ll ever come across.  You’ve been educated in the art of iPad 2 case buying…


Hands On Demo With the Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 From ZAGG



Unboxing Video



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