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I had a chance to watch the latest brain child of J.J. Abrams and John Nolan over the weekend, and I must say that I think Person of Interest may have a chance to survive.  It’s another crime drama in an already saturated market of crime dramas, but Person of Interest throws in a little sci-fi twist to set it apart from the rest of the pack.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this show has Michael Emerson (LOST’s Ben Linus) as one of its leads, and by the way Jesus (Jim Caviezel) is the other lead.

The pilot for Person of Interest debuted last Thursday evening on CBS, and as I mentioned earlier it was solid enough to keep my attention for the full hour.  PoI may be another crime drama, but the pilot proved that it has some geeky flare that may give it legs in the non-crime drama loving community.  The sci-fi component I keep referring to isn’t in regards to the show using lightsabers to hunt down thugs, but rather it’s rooted in the show’s use of technology to establish who the person of interest will be each week.

Finch, who is played by Emerson, is a programming savant who has a sh*tload of money at his disposal, as well as a super computer program that can identify people who may cause, or be in trouble.  This is where the sci-fi elements come in, and it plays off the fact that ever since 9/11 we as a country have lost certain privacies, which are now being exploited to foil any future terrorist plots.  You see, Finch wrote a program for the government that uses all of the cell phone tapping, e-mail scanning, camera recording, and whatever other mediums the government uses to keep tabs on potential terrorists to identify threats against humanity.  What Finch didn’t tell the government though is that he created a backdoor into the program he created for them that allows him to obtain SSN of people of interest. Get it?

This is where Caviezel comes in.  He’s the muscle to Finch’s brains.  Through some circumstances that haven’t been fully revealed yet his character John Reese is an ex-CIA agent who is down on his luck, and in need of purpose.  After an impressive beat down he deals out on a subway train, Reese ends up getting bailed out by Finch.  At this point Finch laid out his plans to use his backdoor to help everyone he possibly can with his device that was only meant to be used by the government to stop massive terrorist plots.  From here the team is formed and they begin their unique brand of vigilante justice.  They obtain the latest SSN of a person of interest, and then the a*s kicking action began.  Great fight scenes and shootouts ensued, which was just what I was looking for in a new TV show.

Like I said the pilot for Person of Interest did enough for me to keep me wanting to tune in.  It was unique enough to distinguish itself from the pack of retread crime shows.  I’m an absolute fan of Michael Emerson, so it’s great to see him on the little screen again.  His brand of acting is perfect for his role as Finch, and Caviezel works as the enforcer.  The show’s caretakers have done a great job mixing in some intense action for TV with a sci-fi twist in the program that finds people in trouble.  I hope it continues to be a solid show, and that other people give it a chance.  It may not be totally geeked out like The Event, or LOST, but for now it’s good enough for government work.  If you need something new to watch I’d suggest checking out Person of Interest on CBS at 9PM EST.  You’ve been thinking that this show may last…

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