Review: Project GAEMS’ G155 is the Only Way to Travel For Gamers

I finally had a chance to use Project Gaems’ G155 mobile gaming unit this past weekend, and it is most definitely a dream device for gamers who can’t be separated from their consoles while on the go. The bundled package of a HDTV within a hard case shell is the ideal setup to continue gaming while life requires you to be away from your usual command center. I have used alternate means in the past to game while traveling, but in those instances I would literally have to pack a 32″ HDTV along with a book bag full of hardware, cables, and controllers.  Let’s just say that it was a very inefficient process that left me yearning for a more simple solution to bring my hobby with me while the duties of “real life” called. Luckily the creative forces over at Project Gaems must’ve been dealing with the same dilemma, because their answer to this gaming on the go conundrum is the G155 mobile gaming unit, and now that I have one I no longer have to pack a U-Haul to bring my toys with me while traveling. There is a God after all, and he loves gamers.


G155 Mobiel Gaming Unit

EB 8 out of 10 Buddhas

The Awesome: Next-gen Gaming in a Box, Price

The Not so Awesome: Limited Space for Accessories, No Support for Legacy PS3


The Awesome

Next-gen Gaming in a Box

The G155 truly achieves the “gaming in a box” mantra that it claims to within its advertising. All you need to do is strap the console of your choosing into its padded chassis, pack the required accessories in the provided sleeves, and you’re ready to go on that trip you’d rather not attend. It literally takes minutes to get the system prepped for travel. There’s no need to tear down one of your home’s TV’s so you can pack it with you on your trip, which is what I used to do with a 32″ Samsung TV(yes I’m an as*hole). This is accomplished due to the fact that the G155 has a 15.5″ HDTV screen built into its lid, complete with speakers and headphone inputs to complete the needed hardware required to game in this next generation era. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for gaming geeks, and I love it!

Considering that there’s a 15.5″ HD screen plus a console, the G155 form factor remains small

I was amazed at how well the included HD screen looked when I first fired it up in my hotel room this past weekend. It only has a resolution of 720P, but on a screen of its size the resolution hit isn’t even a factor. I played Dead Island on the Xbox 360, and it looked perfectly fine on the embedded screen. You could probably argue that it looks better than it would on a big screen, because all of the pixels are more tightly packed on a 15″ screen versus a 55″ one. I’m not saying I’m going to return to Buddha Central and replace all of my large TVs with smaller ones, but the G155’s 15″ HD screen is perfect for traveling.

The screen is small but it packs some HD punch

I was also impressed with the G155’s built-in speakers. They don’t replace the amazing 7.1 surround sound that I have setup in my man cave, but they provide some impressive audio for how tiny they are. In fact, they were loud enough that I had to use the built in headphone jacks, so I wouldn’t disturb the other travelers I was with in my hotel room. Speaking of the headphone jacks, I love the fact that they’re are two included ports. I can see this feature coming in handy for parents that want to keep their kids entertained without sacrificing their own sanity.

When you consider that all you need is a console, a small power supply for the built in screen, and whatever accessories you need to play games (controller, console power, games), the G155 is the perfect tool for gamers that are constantly on the move. It will now become a standard piece of luggage for me to bring while traveling, because it is so simple and convenient to setup a dimwit could do it. Plus the included screen and speakers perform quite well for their diminutive size.


Considering that you get a solid plastic briefcase, a HDTV, a custom HDMI cable, built in speakers, and more; I’d say $299 is more than a fair price for the G155 mobile gaming unit. For what this unit provides I’d expect it to cost upwards of $500, but it doesn’t, so owing one of these awesome machines won’t break the bank. This means even you poor a*s gamers who still live with Mom and work at a pizza delivery job can even afford one. It’s definitely a luxury item, so not every gamer will be in the market for one, but if you’ve been looking for a better solution to gaming on the go I can’t think of a better $300 investment.


The Not so Awesome

Limited Space for Accessories

The biggest knock on the G155 is its limited space for all the accessories you need to game on the go. This is especially evident when packing the Xbox 360 (old white model), because of its retardly large power supply. The brick itself takes up one of the two side sleeves that are designated for the peripherals, which means you only have 1 left to pack stuff like controllers, cables, mics, etc.. This is kind of a bummer especially if you need to bring multiple controllers to game with friends while on a man cation. You could always throw accessories in another bag, but then you’d kind of be defeating the purpose of owning a G155, so I would have liked to see a little more room to pack accessories in.

Not much room for accessory storage in a fully packed G155 unit

No Support for Legacy PS3 Consoles

The other downside to the G155 is that it isn’t designed to support the legacy PS3 systems that were around before the Slims were introduced. I would think you could cram one in there, but I’m not going to test this theory out of fear of scratching the built in screen. It’s odd that Project Gaems didn’t take this into account in their design, but it is what it is. If you own an older PS3 don’t plan on buying the G155 unless you won’t to rig it in there with the possibility of f*cking something up.


The Final Verdict

If you’re someone like me, and don’t like leaving the sanctity of your geekdom, then the G155 will be right up your alley. This mobile gaming unit makes it very simple to bring a next-gen gaming setup on the road while not taking up a large amount of space. The hard plastic shell assures that your console and the contents within it will be safe no matter where you go, and the built in HDTV and speakers are of the same high quality. Outside of some space issues for accessories, and the lack of support for the legacy PS3 systems still out there, the G155 is a great gadget well deserving of an EB 8 out of 10 Buddhas. It’s a luxury gaming item that is well worth the $299 needed to procure one, so if you’ve been hesitant about pulling the trigger on something like this I can tell you in full confidence that the G155 is a piece of awesomeness. Click on the this link to buy yours today! You’ve been loving the idea of a G155 accompanying you on your next journey away from the mother ship…


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