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Thank you Jesus!  I can now die a happy Pink Floyd fan!  Why you may ask?  Well, I had the privilege of watching Roger Waters play “The Wall” in its entirety last night in Columbus, OH for his 2010 The Wall Tour.  I finally got to experience the magic that is Pink Floyd live in concert, or in this case a member of The Floyd.  Even though the band hasn’t been together for over 20 years I still consider Roger Waters to be the main guy, and considering he basically wrote “The Wall” by himself, I truly felt like I was watching Pink Floyd perform it last night in Columbus, OH.  Grant it, having Gilmour there to play lead would’ve been nice, but Roger has always been the true star of “The Wall”, so like I said, I didn’t feel like I was missing out by not having the actual remaining members of Pink Floyd on stage with Waters.

I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan since I can remember.  I used to spend hours listening to their records on my Dad’s turn-table as a kid, and I was always taken by “The Wall” in particular.  I must have been drawn to the album art, which featured the now iconic black and white lined brick wall, and the various cartoon images seen in the film version of the album.  More importantly than that, “The Wall” just spoke to me, and served as one of the few bonds I have with my Father.  As a kid I had no clue at the overall theme of this album, but as I’ve aged I’ve come to understand where Roger got his motivations when writing the 2 disc rock opera.  We all tend to build a wall around ourselves to shield our true identity from the public, and to feel safe in our own minds.  He used it as a metaphor for how he felt about the audiences that Pink Floyd played for back in the day, and the fact that they seemed disconnected, therefore creating a wall between the band and fans.  Hence the physical act of actually building a wall on stage while the band played the album.

30 years after its initial release I finally got to see “The Wall” played live, which was a top 3 item on my bucket list.  Being a younger Floyd fan I felt like the ship had sailed as far as potentially ever seeing them perform live on stage.  My only other opportunity was back in 94′ when the band had their final World tour for the “Division Bell” album, but I was just a teenager and didn’t have the means to score tickets.  I gave up on the dream of ever seeing a live Pink Floyd performance until one fateful day back in the Spring of 2010.  This is when I stumbled upon the announcement that Roger Waters was taking “The Wall” on tour again after nearly 30 years of not performing it.  Let’s just say I did a double tap on my chest and then looked up and pointed at the sky just like football players do when they thank God for letting them score a touchdown when I saw this news.

Luckily for me one of the tour stops was Columbus, OH, but if I had to, I would’ve traveled anywhere in the US to see this show.  I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see Roger play his rock opera no matter what, and after finally getting to experience this masterpiece last night, I’m glad that I didn’t.  From the moment Roger and the band took the stage I was in a state of euphoria, hardly believing that I was seeing a Pink Floyd album played live like it should be.  The show literally started with a bang from a plane crashing into the rafters at the end of ‘In the flesh’, which is the first song of “The Wall” (Video of this below).  Roger sounded just like he did on the album, which was recorded 30 years ago, and he didn’t have to use auto-tune like most of today’s artists do.  From that moment on I knew I was watching something special.

Throughout the remainder of the show an actual wall was built up in front of the band while they played, and various images and clips would play on it from the movie and current times.  The imagery and act of building the wall only helps to add to the awesomeness of this concert.  At any one moment you could argue that just watching the projections of the wall would be worth the price of admission, but the whole act of building the wall only helps to illustrate what is going on in the music itself.  I found myself getting emotional during certain songs because of the imagery and how it helps to illustrate the songs message.  As expected every song from “The Wall” sounded fantastic live with ‘Mother’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘In the Flesh’, and ‘The Trial’ being my personal favorites.  I can’t stress how spectacular this show is to behold.  I’ve been to many concerts and I’ve deemed some of them the best ever, but I truly believe that description will only apply to Roger Waters The Wall Tour now.  At least for me.

I’ve always envisioned how “The Wall” would look live and I can say that I wasn’t let down in any form or fashion.  I’d say my biggest complaint was that there was an intermission that broke up the mood.  Outside of that the singing, music, and theatrics were utilized perfectly to fulfill the high standard I had set in my head for a show of this stature.  I really could have gotten run over by a semi-truck last night and would’ve died with a smile on my face.  I managed to snap tons of pictures and a few videos, which you can find at the end of this post.  I encourage you to look through them and watch the wall being built as the show goes on.  The two videos showcase the top moments for me, which were the opening plane crash, and the actual wall coming down at the end of the show.

It was a magical night with friends and family at the Value City Arena in Columbus, Oh last night.  If you missed it and your a Pink Floyd fan, shame on you!  You really can’t comprehend what you missed out on.  I feel like I took in a piece of history yesterday that will probably never be seen again once Roger ends his tour.  If I were to rate the show I’d give it 4 thumbs up, because it deserves more than just two.  Roger and his band were nice enough to allow us to take pictures and videos of the show, so I’m sharing them with you below.  I hope they can portray an ounce of the awesomeness that I saw last night just in case you won’t be able to see The Wall Tour in person.  Musical excellence in motion!  Thank You Mr. Waters for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime!  I now know why Pink Floyd has always been one of my favorite bands.  You’ve been punching yourself in the face for not buying those Wall tickets…

The Wall Opening Song and Plane Crash – Change to 360p if it won’t load, or get a better internet connection


The Wall Coming Down, Literally! – Change to 360p if it won’t load, or get a better internet connection


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