Review: Spartacus Vengeance Episode 2 ‘A Place In This World’

I finally had a chance to watch the second episode of Spartacus Vengeance, which is called ‘A Place In This World’, and it’s one of the better individual episodes I’ve seen from this franchise.  The main focus of this particular episode is Oenomaus, the bada*s Doctore from the first season, and how he came to be the man that he is.  Through a series of flashbacks fans are treated to the first meeting of Oenomaus and Titus Batiatus, and how he was put on his path to become one of the greatest gladiators of his time.  Both Mensah (Adult Oenomaus), and the younger actor who portrayed his character in the past really sold their performances to the audience to make us feel for this lost character.

Oenomaus has yet to come to grips with his new life after Spartacus’ revolt, and that sets up his return to the Pits where he first met Titus many years ago.  Through some creative cuts the viewers are shown what motivates this broken man, and how his history with the House of Batiatus is keeping him from joining the slave revolt that is causing havoc all over Capua.  I’ve always been intrigued by what motivates Oenomaus to stay so loyal to his masters, and ‘A Place In This World’ helped me to understand more about this characters past.

Oenomaus’ history is detailed in episode 2

In addition to the Oenomaus back story the second episode of Spartacus Vengeance also offers a deeper look into the new Lucretia.  I absolutely love the direction that Lawless has been tasked with taking this character in, and I have to imagine that she’s got a few surprises up her sleeves.  Lucretia continues to border on insanity, but a few key scenes take place in this episode that definitely cause you to think that she may be putting on a show to slowly regain a power position over those who have wronged her.  Lucretia is definitely becoming one of my favorite characters to watch this season, and the reveal of a long lost character at the end of this episode only sets up even more interesting plot interactions for Lucretia in future episodes (as well as Oenomaus).

Lawless deserves some recognition this season

I guess I should also comment on Spartacus’ screen time in ‘A Place In This World’, which was limited, but still awesomely gory.  I have to say that Liam is definitely growing on me now as the new Sparty.  I’m not sure if that’s because he was hardly in this episode or what, but I found myself buying into his performance more so than I did in the season premiere.  He’s still a little weak looking, and like Hank the Gank said Liam looks like he hasn’t done a push-up in his life, but I’m expecting these feelings to subside completely by episode 4 or 5.

I think he just vomited up a sword

Sparatcus Vengeance ‘A Place In This World’ should be a favorite for fans of the series who have been around since day one.  The flashbacks of Oenomaus really helped to flesh out this character who happens to be one of my personal favorites, and the new prophetic Lucretia is a hoot to watch.  Spartacus and his merry band of Roman slayers continue to provide some very memorable battle scenes, and  the man himself is becoming much more believable than he was in the first episode.  I give ‘A Place In This World’ an EB 9 out of 10 Buddhas.  I can’t wait for Friday!  You’ve been questioning your manhood for not watching this excellent show yet…


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