Review: Spartacus Vengeance Episode 3 ‘The Greater Good’

The third episode of Spartacus Vengeance has aired recently, and while ‘The Greater Good’ is one of the less violent episodes it still paid off for fans of the series.  Once again the relationship between Spartacus and Crixus takes center stage as the two try to unite their band of rebels despite some shenanigans taking place in regards to the truth of Naevia’s demise.  Without spoiling the episode let’s just say that the bond between Sparty and his former nemesis Crixus has become stronger than ever, and based on the ending this bond could play a major role in how the rest of the season plays out.

Liam McIntyre is really starting to grow on me as the new Spartacus, and I think it’s due to his scenes with Crixus and how well he emoted them in this recent episode.  Physically he’s still a long way from emulating Andy Whitfield’s Spartacus, but as far as the acting portion of this role goes McIntyre has alleviated any fears that I initially had with his hiring.  I just wish someone fed him steroids with his breakfast every morning, so he could at least look like he works out.  The dude really is meek looking, which is the only barrier preventing him from fully becoming the Spartacus I know and love that Andy first created in my mind.

Yes I’m a Spartacus fanboy, and a borderline troll over this whole Liam thing, but if you watched the first season with Andy at the helm I think you can agree with me that his shoes are almost too large to fill, so McIntyre will always have to deal with the shadow of Whitfield.  I can assure you though that he’s doing a fine job trying, and by season 3 thoughts of the original Spartacus actor may be permanently removed from my memory.

Transitioning back to episode 3 I’d also like to mention how much I’m digging the (SPOILERS) plot line that involves Lucretia, Ashur, and Oenomaus.  Ashur once again is proving to be a masterful snake playing all sides as usual to push his personal agenda.  His scenes with his former Doctore in this episode are classic Ashur scenes reminiscent of the first season and all of the treachery he caused.  If you really think about it Ashur is as much to blame as Batiatus himself in regards to the downfall of the House of Batiatus, so this wily Syrian has become one of the main villains of the entire series.

Ashur will define how this season plays out 

I love the fact that he is the reason for Lucretia’s miraculous recovery from the spear to the gut that Crixus kindly gave their love child, and I see a strong bond forming between the two Batiatus outcasts that will undoubtedly lead to some interesting plot twists throughout the rest of this season.  Ashur is just one of those characters that you love to hate, and Nick Tarabay is doing a masterful job of portraying him.  I’m very eager to see how the Ashur, Lucretia, and Oenomaus plot line plays out, and if what is discussed in episode 3 plays out, I have a feeling that Gannicus will soon become a part of this evil thread as well.

‘The Greater Good’ also had some excellent scenes involving the Romans, namely Glaber and his scheming family, but it was made clear that there’s a whole other agenda going on in season 2 of Spartacus that will focus on the power plays of the privileged in Roman society.  At times I almost felt bad for the man who first put Spartacus in slavery, and I think the writers are doing a brilliant job with the Glaber plot threads.  I can’t wait to see how this group of Romans are doing by the end of this season, because I think they have more to fear than just Spartacus and his rebels.  They have to fear themselves and their greed as well.

Love him or hate him Glaber has an interesting role in the Spartacus series

Spartacus Vengeance ‘The Greater Good’ does a great job pushing most of the series’ plot threads forward.  The bond between Spartacus and Crixus has become quite admirable, and their tale gets a huge monkey wrench thrown into it in this episode that will surely set up the rest of the season with some harrowing action scenes.  I think the plot thread that involves Ashur, Lucretia, Oenomaus, and possibly Gannicus will play a huge role in how the rest of the season plays out.  Let’s just say that I don’t think Lucretia is as weak as she is appearing, and Ashur always seems to find himself at the center of things making him one of the more interesting characters in this franchise.  For rating purposes I give ‘The Greater Good’ an EB 8 out of 10 Buddhas.  This is mainly because there wasn’t enough blood and guts for my liking, but it’s still a great episode.  Is it Friday yet?  You’ve been thinking this is still one of the greatest shows ever conceived…


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