Review: Spartacus Vengeance Episode 4 ‘Empty Hands’

The fourth episode of Spartacus Vengeance just may have become one of my all time favorites in the series.  ‘Empty Hands’ provided everything that fans love about this franchise with plenty of gory battles taking place in the Spartacus thread, and all kinds of political maneuvering occurring on the Roman side of the Spartacus Vengeance plot line.  Surprisingly enough the political jousting between the Roman factions were actually my most entertaining aspects of episode 4.  I love watching Sparty dismember soldiers in new ways every week, but I can’t ignore the awesome storyline taking place with Glaber, Ilithyia, Varinius, Lucretia, and Albinius.

These pompous Roman elitists provided the most entertainment in ‘Empty Hands’ with all kinds of back room deals taking place to ensure each of them improves their station in life.  The evil side we all know Ilithyia to have came out in spades in this episode, and she has definitely become the Roman to watch this season.  Not only does she make moves in this episode (SPOILERS) to ensure her lustful desires for Varinius (which by the way is a very erotic scene…meow), but she also exerts her control over Lucretia letting the former Domina know who’s the Queen B. in charge now.

This little peach is more rotten than you think

Let’s just say that Ilithyia is a dirty little c*nt with only thoughts of rising up the Roman food chain via any means necessary.  Her evilness definitely reached an all time high in episode 4, and she may become the lead villain by the end of this season.  Just wait until you see her scene with Varinius when they’re all alone, and then she goes and trumps that altercation with a bloody finale during a hard to watch torture scene at the Batiatus Villa.

Although, Ilithyia isn’t the only female Roman with dubious plans up her sleeves.  Lucretia’s ultimate desires are also set to motion in this episode, and they will surely have grave impact on the Glaber clan before this season comes to a close.  Once again Lucy Lawless has expertly conveyed the gamut of emotions that Lucretia must be going through, and her performance has crafted Lucretia into an almost lovable character.  One can’t help but smile during scenes that feature Lucretia, because deep down we all know that she’s as evil as the rest of them, and that she’s just biding her time before she strikes with bloody authority.  I can’t wait to see where this character ends up at the end of this season, because after ‘Empty Hands’ her possibilities are endless.

Scheming 101 with Lucretia

Now this is still a show about Spartacus, so he does make an appearance in this episode, but his plot line with the other freed slaves doesn’t get moved very far along in ‘Empty Hands’.  That doesn’t mean his scenes blow, because they don’t.  In fact, fans of the blood and gore of Spartacus will surely appreciate this episode, because that’s all he really does.  He runs through the woods, kills Romans violently, saves the weaker slaves, rinse and repeat.  This episode  in regards to Sparty mainly served as a vehicle to reunite him with the other Gladiators who opted not to go on his suicide mission with Crixus to the mines.

(SPOILERS) Crixus on the other hand isn’t fairing too well now that he’s been captured and returned to the same house he escaped at the end of season 1.  He does get reunited with his old Doctore, but both of them are in for some tough times because they’re offered up as gifts for the next games to be held in Capua.  Their fates will play out next week, and it’ll happen in true Sparatcus style, because in the tease for episode 5 we’re shown who’s going to be their death dealer in the arena.  Trust me, it’s someone who has a very close relationship with both Crixus and Oenomaus, so I can’t wait to see how the writers pull this meeting of former gladiators off.  I know one thing, it won’t be pretty.

Spartacus and company continue to slaughter Romans in nothing but loin cloths

Like I mentioned earlier ‘Empty Hands’ is by far one of my favorite episodes in the Spartacus franchise.  The combination of the Roman political scheming, and the hunt for Spartacus made for a very entertaining hour.  Fans will get the gore that they love via the scenes with Spartacus’ group, and fans who love the political back stabbing will get their fill with the scenes featuring the Roman cast.  Surprisingly the women of Rome are the ones who have taken the most evil steps towards their desires, so I can’t wait to see how the seeds that they’ve sewn grow throughout the rest of this season.  For rating purposed I give ‘Empty Hands’ an EB 9 out of 10 Buddhas.  Check it out today if you haven’t already, and if you still aren’t watching this show there is no hope for you as a man.  You’ve never had more chubs while watching a TV show in your life…


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