Review: Spartacus Vengeance Episode 8 ‘Balance’

It’s hard to imagine that the second full season of Spartacus is almost over, but it is, now that the eighth episode (‘Balance’) has aired.  Once again the women of this show were at the heart of this episode, and like I mentioned last week they still seem to be the driving forces behind the direction of this series.  I can’t help but take pity on Lucretia and her plight with Asher, but deep down I know she’s got something just as evil up her sleeves, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up the Queen B again by the end of this season.  Speaking of Asher, he continues to win the ultimate scumbag award, which seems to be a weekly trade off between him and Glaber now.  This particular episode also provided one of the more nerve racking scenes to date, which definitely got my gut feeling all funny as if something really awful is about to happen.  Finally, Spartacus’ camp continues to become more interesting as this season makes its way to its final episodes, and Liam is becoming more and more believable as Sparty!

‘Balance’ served as an episode to remind us all as to why there’s such conflict between Spartacus and Glaber in the first place.  (Spoiler) With the capture of Ilithyia Spartacus is given the chance to exact revenge on Glaber, but some revelations prevent him from doing so.  I appreciated how the writers approached this topic, and its arc was executed perfectly in this episode.  We got to see why Sparty is a special human being, and why he’s been able to build up a resistance through his actions.  At the same time we also got to see why Glaber and Asher are the two most evil characters on the face of this planet, and why I hope they die painful deaths.

Asher is a d*ck

Asher and Glaber are like the Batman and Robin of bad guys.  These two together have wrought more evil on this show than all of the other characters combined.  I’m not even sure if there were a contest to determine who’s the biggest d*ck that we’d have a clear winner.  They’re both evil to the 10th degree, and we got heavy helpings of their bad behavior in ‘Balance’.  Let’s just say that Asher continues to have some of the most disturbing scenes on TV that feature a man and a women together.  Glaber can’t even top these moments of pure venom, and he’s the a-hole giving Asher his orders!

Staying on the topic of bad people, the three main females once again showed that they’re the ones controlling the destiny of many of the characters on this show.  Lucretia continues to sow threads that will undoubtedly change the landscape of this series by the end of this season.  She has now begun to work her tongue on Seppia, and while the younger Roman doesn’t buy into it at first, Lucretia’s determination forces her to by the end of the episode.  I think it’s safe to say that Glaber has earned himself a new member of the “I hate Gaius Claudias Glaber” fan club.  Surprisingly, the most evil character of the first part of the season, Ilithyia, actually made me feel some compassion for her.  I won’t spoil the obvious surprise, but her and Sparty have a few things to discuss in this episode that will make you almost feel sad for this evil b*tch.

With all of the dealings taking place in this eighth episode it’s hard to pick my favorite part, but if I had to it’d be the end.  There’s a very tense scene that takes place between Spartacus and Glaber that definitely worked my innards into a frenzy.  My heart got pumping, and at times I think I closed my eyes to avoid the possibility of seeing a major character die.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen, but the scene in question plays out beautifully enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.  It also reinforced the hate between Glaber and Spartacus, which may have been fleeting for some of you while watching this season unfold.  These two definitely don’t like each other, and they won’t be sending Christmas cards to each other’s camps any time soon.

Very intense battle scene!

The eighth episode of Spartacus Vengeance has setup the last two to be full of the political backstabbing, and the actual backstabbing that fans of this series love.  The women, both Roman and Freed Slaves, are definitely bigger forces in this universe than one may think.  With each new episode the likes of Lucretia, Seppia, and the lead babes of Spartacus’ faction, push the plot threads further and further to their resolution.  Glaber and Asher continue to define the evilness of this time period in our history, and Spartacus and his gladiators continue to kick their as*es, albeit at a cost that won’t probably be fully realized until the end of this season.

I can almost promise that one of the major characters from this franchise will no longer be on the show for future seasons, but I haven’t quite nailed down who the writers will kill off.  If I had to rate this particular episode I’d give it an EB 8.5 out of 10 Buddhas!  You’ve been depressed knowing that this show only has two more episodes left in this great season…

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