Review: ‘Sucker Punch’ Is Definitely Something, Just Not Sure What

I just got done with the old folks viewing of Zack Snyder’s (300, Watchmen) ‘Sucker Punch’ fantasy flick, and I’m not quite sure what I think about it.  I had no inclination as to what this movie was about, outside of what I saw in the trailers and have briefly read in the press, so I was going in with a blank mind being ready to be filled with some over-the-top action goodness.  Which, it was graciously, and the film was intense to say the least, but I still never really felt like I watched a complete movie.

‘Sucker Punch’ embodies the visual style that Zack Snyder has made famous in his previous two films with a wonderful balance of slow-mo cinematography, and full speed action scenes, that are perfectly mixed with an in-your-face rock heavy soundtrack.  Almost from the get go your treated to Snyder’s sense of style, and it really doesn’t stop until the credits roll.  I was very pleased with how the film looked, although I’m curious as to why it wasn’t in 3D.  It just seemed well suited for the 3D craze that seems to be infecting the movie theaters these days.  Either way it was a visual treat to say the least.

‘Sucker Punch’ had some of the most creatively disturbing imagery that I’ve ever seen mashed together.  I’m talking all kinds of far out imagery such as: robot samurai, steam powered Wermacht Soldiers, dragons fighting WWII planes, and even a band of ‘I, Robot’looking mother f*ckers.  Not to mention that each one of these unique sequences features a posse of a*s-kicking hotties who like to wear stockings, short skirts, and leotards to do battle in.

I mean, talk about sensory overload, especially if you’re a dude.  I wasn’t sure if a band of beautiful babes would be able to pull off the “Mess with the best, die like the rest” mantra, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.  I would say I was almost mesmerized by watching hot chicks kick a*s in a ‘Matrix’ on acid type of setting, which leads me to my next observation on ‘Sucker Punch’.

After watching this I can firmly say that Zack Snyder and his team had to have been on some sort of hallucinogen while writing and filming this movie.  Some of the dance sequences (you’ll see when you watch it) are straight out of the mind of someone who is genuinely creative, or borderline insane.  Who would every think to shoot a scene that involves zombie steam powered foot soldiers facing off against a girl in a mech, and a special forces-esqe team of fighting babes storming the battle worn trenches of a dream world.  It’s literally amazing to see what Snyder must be experiencing in his head when he comes up with this stuff.  It may not be the best content in the world, but I can guarantee you it’s one of the most unique.

I think the only thing that kind of let ‘Sucker Punch’ down is the actual plot.  It all moved a little too briskly for me, and left almost too much up for interpretation until the end of the show.  The end does wrap it up pretty nicely for anyone that may have some questions, but it all just felt so rushed.  I never felt like I really got to know the characters, nor did I really care about them even though that is what this movie intended to do.  ‘Sucker Punch’ tries to make you care about the protagonists by portraying them as cute girls facing a destitute situation, but it falls short in doing so.  I just never really cared because the girls were never fleshed out as full on characters.  They almost seemed as fantasy-like as the alternate reality scenes that make this movie a visual treat.

The only other issue I had with ‘Sucker Punch’ outside of the weak plot was the lack of gore.  Yes I know studios like to sell tickets and PG-13 equals more money, but this movie felt suited for some of that blood spilling mess that was seen in Snyder’s ‘300’.  He uses creative ways to showcase some gore such as the use of steam in the soldiers, and the black blood of orcs (yes, orcs), but I felt like this movie just screamed for copious amounts of blood spilling.  I’m sure he had his hands tied with the rating, but I just imagine that Zack had probably envisioned a little more of a brutal nature for ‘Sucker Punch’ than what ended up on screen.  You could also just say that I’m disturbing and need help, but I think you’ll see what I mean if you watch this flick.

Which leads me to me final recommendation for ‘Sucker Punch’.  I suggest going to watch it if you’re into very creative worlds that ultimately make no sense together, yet it all works in the end.  ‘Sucker Punch’ is by far one of the most original movies I’ve seen in awhile.  It’ll leave you thinking about it after the credits roll in either a good way or bad.  I’m still not sure that I loved it, but I’m glad that I experienced it.  It’s always nice to see that there are still some very creative artists out there with imaginations that can rival even the most psychotic minds on this planet.  Zack Snyder definitely has one of those minds.  ‘Sucker Punch’ may not be the best movie you’ll ever see, but I can promise you that it will be one of the most uniquely strange films you ever watch.  I give it an EB 8/10.  You’ve been wanting to know what types of drugs these people were on…

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