I’m still trying to get my bearings straight after staying up way to late last night playing Gears of War 3.  My head feels a little achy, but the pain is all worth it when it comes to finally being able to play the game I was born to play.  I spent most of my initial time with Gears 3 playing its multiplayer component, but I did give the campaign a go with the 3D effect turned on.  I wouldn’t give Gears of War 3’s use of 3D an “A”, but it’s a nice little gimmick for those of us that have adopted 3D at home.

The first thing I noticed about the 3D feature in Gears 3 is that it operates differently than the previous 3D games I’ve played on the PS3.  In Gears 3 you can toggle the 3D effect off and on at any moment where other games like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 force you to play with it on or off.  Due to this fact you can tell that the 3D effect in Gears 3 isn’t as smooth as those other two games.  This is easily noticeable while flipping the 3D mode on in the main menu.  Once I did this I had to manually toggle my 3D TV to match the type of 3D used in the game, which I haven’t had to do in those other games.  They just switched to 3D and I was ready to rock.  In Gears 3 I had to make some additional inputs on my remote to get it working.  This isn’t a huge deal, but again it’s a sign that the 3D used in Gears 3 wasn’t planned from the get go.

With the 3D on I found the main menu to be fairly blurry looking.  It actually hurt my brain a bit to try and navigate the menu with the 3D on.  It was bad enough that I almost gave up on the effect all together, but I decided to suck it up and fired up the campaign.  Once I was actually in the game the 3D effect started to kick in like I expected it to.  The 3D provided a solid sense of depth just like I’ve been exposed to in K3 and R3.  It still wasn’t as crisp as those two PS3 games, but I can’t lie, playing a Gears of War campaign in 3D is pretty bitchin.

I shot my way through the campaign’s prologue all in 3D, and continued with the effect through the first two chapters.  Like I said the sense of depth was there, and it was solid, but I felt like something was off.  I noticed that every time subtitles would pop up they’d make me go cross-eyed.  It was a very uncomfortable feeling that definitely took me out of the 3D experience.  I also realized that Gears 3 wasn’t quite looking like a 2011 HD videogame while using the 3D, so I flipped it off to see what this little b*tch really looks like.

Can’t Lie, 2D is better than 3D in Gears 3, but the option is nice

Holy sh*t does the 3D effect kill the resolution of this game.  Without the 3D turned on in Gears of War 3 the game’s visuals increased exponentially.  It is literally a night and day effect.  With the 3D version being much less crisp and vibrant.  Without 3D this game looks like a contender for best looking graphics on the Xbox 360.  I couldn’t believe how much different this game looks in 2D versus 3D.  Grant it the other two games I’ve mentioned have sort of the same effect, but not to the degree of Gears of War 3.

The 3D of Gears of War 3 is a nice gimmick at best.  I’m glad there’s an option to use it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking to the 2D visuals.  The difference in the visual quality is great enough that I’d feel like I was doing this game’s campaign an injustice if I only played it in 3D.  It’ll be nice to turn on every once in awhile, but if you want the full beauty of Gears 3 I’d recommend keeping it off.  Overall I give the 3D of Gears of War 3 an EB 6.5/10 Buddhas.  By no means is that my score for this game, it’s just a rating of its 3D feature.  The game itself is a 10/10 in my book, but I’ll save my fanboy praise for the full review.  If you have a 3D TV I’d definitely check out the 3D effect, but don’t expect to be using it for very long.  You’ve won this time 2D…


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