It’s been a great week to be a 3D TV owner.  I got to watch Thor in 3D, and I’ve also begun to play Insomniac Game’s Resistance 3 in 3D.  Resistance 3 is officially the third videogame I’ve played in 3D with Killzone 3 and Super Stardust HD being the other two.  I can confirm that the stereoscopic 3D that is used in R3 works just as well as the other two 3D games I mentioned, and it literally adds a whole new dimension to the franchise.

I can’t express in words what it’s like to play a 3D game and do it justice, but I’ll try my best.  I think the FPS genre is perfect for utilizing 3D technology.  The first person view in 3D pulls you into the game’s world in a depth that can’t be achieved in 2D.  The whole point of FPS games is to cast you in the starring role, and when you do so in 3D the feeling of being in the game is 10x greater than ever before.

Resistance 3’s use of this phenomena greatly increases the player’s feeling that they themselves are Joe Capelli, and they themselves have to stay alive during some intense battles with the Chimera.  I can’t emphasize enough how cool it is to look through a scope in 3D, and literally line up your shots as if your eye were pressed up against the scope itself.  On top of that, fire fights in general are a blast in R3 because of the 3D.  Imagine the feeling of having Chimeran bullets whizzing past your head as you sit in cover, or the feeling of being tiny when facing off against one of Resistance 3’s massive bosses?

Think this looks cool?  Wait until you see it in 3D!

Both of these situations are realized if you play this game in 3D, and both of them will blow your mind.  If developers could somehow figure out a way to strap 3D devices to your face, games like R3 in 3D would be the definition of virtual reality.

Gaming in 3D isn’t all puppy dogs and ice cream though.  I do find that my eyes and brain feel a little more stressed out while gaming in 3D versus the poor man’s version, but I’ve come to learn that the inevitable brain damage is worth the thrill of playing Resistance 3 in 3D.  In all seriousness though, don’t expect to pull hemorrhoid inducing gaming marathons with the 3D functionality turned on.  I’ve gone close to two hours playing Resistance 3 in 3D, and I definitely had some eye fatigue by the end of it.  Will this stop me from finishing the game in 3D?  Hell no!  Only a p*ssy would play a game in 2D if they had a 3D TV, so I’m going to push through the health risks and knock R3 out 3D style.

My only other complaint about playing Resistance 3 in 3D is that it seems as if the game’s visuals take a slight resolution drop.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you’re going to be seeing a game in 16-bit while playing it in 3D, but it probably won’t look as sharp as the 2D version.  R3’s visuals still look stunning in 3D, but I feel like they look a little more crisp and tight in the 2D version versus the awesome version.  Again, this negative of R3 in 3D is not enough to deter me from continuing on with the 3D switch flipped on.  The novelty of having depth in a shooter is enough to make some of these issues minor ones in my opinion, but with 3D everyone is going to have their own thoughts.

Resistance 3 is a solid game, but with the 3D turned on it becomes a whole new experience in an already solid franchise.  There’s something mesmerizing about playing and FPS game in 3D, and R3 does a great job of selling the effect.  R3’s 3D will make you feel like you’re part of the game world, and it will give you a whole new experience in the worn out FPS genre.  Unfortunately, the game’s 3D will lead to some fatigue, and it seems to drop the resolution a few pixels, but both of these negatives are easily forgettable as you blast your way through the game.  If you have a 3D TV and need some content for it, I can recommend Resistance 3 to you without hesitation.  I give the game’s 3D an EB 8 out of 10.  It’ll make your new toy’s magic shine, and you’ll have a gaming experience unlike any you’ve had before.  Pick up your copy today!  You’ve been needing to get in on the 3D revolution…

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