Review: The Lost Shapes for iOS is a Mind Busting Good Time

I recently had a chance to sit down with The Lost Shapes game for iOS, which is a magic based puzzle game that will surely give your brain a challenge.  The best way to describe the gameplay of The Lost Shapes is to compare it to a mix of Tetris and one of those sliding puzzle games that require you to maneuver pieces on the board to create a picture.  In the case of Lost Shapes you have to use puzzle pieces that drop into your queue (the Tetris side) to build various shapes on the board (the sliding puzzle side) all while racing against time.  It’s a very challenging game once you make it a few levels deep, but it’ll definitely entertain the puzzle genre loving gamers in your household, as well as give them fits while they try to master it.


The Lost Shapes

EB 8 out of 10 Buddhas

The Awesome: Challenging mobile puzzler, Soothing Audio and Visual designs

The Not so Awesome: Confusing gameplay at first, Price


The Awesome

Challenging mobile puzzler

The Lost Shapes is not for the faint of heart when it comes to challenging puzzle games.  It’s two distinct modes will put any gamer who specializes in puzzle solving to the test.  Like I mentioned before TLS is a mix of Tetris elements and sliding puzzle gameplay that will keep even the most dedicated puzzle solvers hard at work.  You essentially have to form magical shapes with marked tiles, but the twist comes with the fact that you have to use puzzle pieces in a Tetris-like queue to do so.  This makes the mechanic of solving some of the puzzles very challenging, but that’s what you want when you buy a puzzle game is it not?

Looks simple but The Lost Shapes will definitely challenge you

The Lost Shapes features two distinct game modes.  The first is Shape Mode, which pits you against the game board and various shapes that you must build to move on.  In addition to having to complete the shapes you can also utilize magic tiles to help build your way to victory, or to remove some obstacles on the board that are impeding your process.  The second mode is called Survival Mode, which allows you to create whatever shapes you want as long as the game board and tile queue don’t fill up.  If this happens your game is over, and you must begin again.  Both modes offer hours of gameplay, but you’ll eventually run out of new levels if you only play Shape Mode.

Soothing Audio and Visual designs

In addition to The Lost Shapes challenging gameplay it also features some soul soothing music and visuals.  I found the soundtrack to be very relaxing, even when I was frantically trying to build some shapes before the tile queue filled up.  I wouldn’t call it elevator music, but it does have a similar sound to a RPG.

The game looks fantastic on a Retina display

The Lost Shapes isn’t a game full of action, but this doesn’t mean that its visuals are lacking.  It looks beautiful on the retina display of the current-gen iPhones.  The game board is very detailed, and your in-game advisor has an anime inspired look.  Sometimes puzzle games only focus on the gameplay and disregard the overall visual style, but this is not the case with The Lost Shapes.


The Not so Awesome

Confusing gameplay at first

If you skip the tutorial in this game you will fail miserably.  The gameplay of The Lost Shapes isn’t very intuitive, so it’s key to play through the tutorial when you first fire this game up.  Even with the tutorial it took me longer than usual to nail down the appropriate way to play this game.  The issue resides in the queue system which dumps tiles on you that may not be needed.  I found myself trying to select the tiles that I needed, but I quickly found out that I had to use the bottom most tile regardless if I needed it or not.  Once I realized this, the gameplay made a little more sense, but I found it to be a little too confusing, so I could see casual game fans being deterred by The Lost Shapes learning curve.

Do not bypass the tutorial or you will struggle with the mechanics of The Lost Shapes


Currently The Lost Shapes is available for $2.99, which is slightly too high for a game of this nature.  This is especially true when you factor in the in-game purchases that TLS offers in addition to the cost of admission.  If you’re going to have in-game purchases I’m not so sure that you should also price your game above $.99.  During iOS sales you can get high end games like NBA Jam, Madden, and others for only $.99, so it’s hard for me to justify spending $2.99 for a game like The Lost Shapes.  It’s a very solid puzzler, but it doesn’t package in the type of content that I’m used to getting for an iOS game that costs more than the easy to purchase $.99.


The Final Verdict

The Lost Shapes will challenge any puzzle fan for many hours while they’re on the go.  Its mix of Tetris-like gameplay and the sliding puzzle piece mechanic is a very unique style of gaming.  The Lost Shapes requires you to practice a bit until you master it, but overall it’s a great pick up and play game.  Outside of its slightly high price point there aren’t many faults with the game.  I give it an EB 8 out of 10 Buddhas, and can recommend it to any puzzle gaming fan.  If you want to give it a go please head on over to this link to download it from the App Store.  You can also check out a gameplay trailer for The Lost Shapes below.  You’ve been needing an iOS game to make you feel smarter…

The Lost Shapes (iOS) Official Gameplay Trailer

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