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E.B. 9/10

She probably won’t agree with the content as evident in the master marketing campaign for Dead Space 2, but she can’t hate on the game play itself.  After spending a few days with Visceral Games Dead Space 2 I am more than pleased with their sequel to one of my favorite next-gen franchises.  Dead Space 2 delivers on all fronts with spectacular perfection.  In my opinion its heads above the original Dead Space, which is still one of the best survival horror games of all-time.  Unlike some recent sequels (SWTFU2 – Boo, Hiss, Yuck) Dead Space 2 doesn’t suck SpaceNuts!

The first thing about Dead Space 2 that really made me go, “Wow”, is the improved graphical presentation.  I’m not saying that the first game looked like some POS 8Bit game from 1985, but Dead Space 2 has near perfect visuals.  The frame rate is a thing of beauty with almost zero lag and screen skipping.  The excellent use of lightning only adds to the “I’m gonna sh*t my pants” moments when those shifty necromorphs manage to get you to jump in your seat like a little girl.  Yes you will be scared!  If you’re not you aren’t playing it in the dark, or your just that manly of a person.

To compliment the improved visuals, Dead Space 2 once again masterfully uses sound to heighten the sense of imminent danger with every door opening and blind corner that you must enter.  You’ll hear awful demonic sounds in pitch black rooms that will seriously motivate you to get the f*ck out of there as soon as possible before you start to cry.  The moments where you get gang banged by multiple Necromorphs are also intensified with each screech and crash of noise from them piling out of every crevice in the Sprawl.  Every time I hear that awful screaming sound I know I’m in for a scare of some sort.

I highly suggest playing this game with a surround sound equipped system, because you’ll get true 3D sound which enables you to hear those creepy bastards all around you as you play and drop dirt in your shorts as a result of those sounds.  In fact, while playing for awhile the sounds of Dead Space 2 start to mess with your head because you start hearing voices coming out of random channels that make you question if they’re in game noises, or your own mind playing evil tricks on you.  I love the mind games that Dead Space 2 plays with you!

Dead Space 2 has a great look and a great sound to it, which compliment the improved game play from the first one.  In Dead Space 2 Isaac feels much more responsive and not as clunky as he did in the first game.  He seems to move with a little more grace than he did before.  He no longer feels like a lumbering tank.  Dare I say he moves with the grace of a ballerina in Dead Space 2?  Well as gracefully as a ballerina could move while wearing a suit of armor.  The more fluid movement makes the tough battles a little easier to deal with, as well as making corpse stomping more efficient.  For some reason I’m enthralled with stomping on every corpse I come across or create.  I love watching and for that matter listening to Issac turn corpses into piles of goo and body parts.  Especially if you repeatedly stomp on it until Isaac starts yelling, “F*ck You, F*ck You” in a terror infused fit of anger.

Dead Space 2 has great mechanics which makes the change in game play that much better.  No longer are you confined to just the Ishimura and its sterile environments.  The Sprawl provides many unique locations, which have given the Devs ample opportunities to create those, “No f*cking way!” moments that this genre is known for.  Speaking of those NFWM, wait until you play the boss battle in Chapter 5!  Easliy one of the most action packed boss fights I’ve ever encountered.  It totally rivals those over-the-top boss battles made famous by the God of War franchise.  Your eyes should melt from all of the action!

With all of the improvements in game play I must say that the most impressive one has to be the Zero-G sections.  In Dead Space 1 these sections were nothing more than a novelty.  You could pretty much only launch yourself to different sections of the room through the Zero-G environments, and stick to the surface like you had magnets in your shoes.  With Dead Space 2 Visceral has introduced small rocket boosters that allow you to navigate through gravity-less sections of the game like you were wearing the Iron Man suit.   It’s one of the best uses of Zero-G navigation in a game that I have ever seen.  You’ll see what I mean during one of the earlier levels where you have to jump to another moving train-like car in space.  Definitely a NFW moment!

In my opinion the single player portion of Dead Space 2 can rival any of the recent AAA games that have been released.  It’s one of those games that you almost hate playing because you’re constantly on edge racking your nerves, but while playing it you can’t put it down.  Each chapter seamlessly flows to the next, keeping the pacing right where it should be.  This helps to keep your nerves in a ball, which is the exact feeling the devs want you to have.

I did play the new multiplayer for Dead Space 2.  I wouldn’t really say that they did anything groundbreaking with it.  The MP component is very similar if not dead on to what you saw in Singularity as well as Left 4 Dead.  One side has guns, the other side has vile necromorphs.  I felt that the opposing sides are fairly balanced with the humans having a slight advantage.  Matches are played with the humans trying to hold various objectives while the creeps try to prevent you from capturing those objectives.  Players do earn XP and other unlocks from playing MP, but not with the intensity that you’ll find in the recent COD games, or a Battlefield title.  I don’t really feel like MP was tacked on as a gimmick, but I don’t think it rivals the single player campaign at all.  Let’s just say it’s not the first thing anyone is going to mention when talking about Dead Space 2.

In the end, I’m super content with Dead Space 2.  It truly is exactly what I wanted as a sequel to one of the scariest games I’ve ever played.  The improved graphics and game play make Dead Space 2 one of the sexiest games out on store shelves at this time.  It will give you goosebumps, make you  jump in your chair, and possibley leave racing streaks in your undies.  As a grown man and self-proclaimed tough guy, I’m extremely impressed that this game can make me feel as scared as I used to get when I was a little kid in the dark.  You know, those moments from your youth when you watched a movie you weren’t supposed to, which resulted in you sitting in your bad thinking that every noise you hear would be your last.

I give Dead Space 2 an E.B. 9/10 and would recommend it as a purchase to anyone.  It’s one of those games that you can play a few times and not get bored with it, because you constantly feel like your losing your mind.  Pick it up today you p*ss!  You’ve been wondering where all of those brown stains in your pants were coming from…

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