I will start the review by saying that it took me a while to figure out how to start the DLC because it wasn’t directly pointed out on the map. To start the DLC, go to the fast travel carriage that is located by Arno’s headquarters and you will be asked if you want to travel to Franciade. Then hit the button, and off you go.

Assassin’s Creed Unity “Dead Kings” picks up after the events of Unity. Arno is summoned for a mission by a familiar face, but after that he’s out. Could this be Arno’s farewell? Arno is still a brooding man with a heavy heart, but he’s more tolerable this time around.

Arno’s mission is to recover a manuscript that is located in the catacombs of Paris, but of course it’s never as simple as that. This one mission sets off a chain of events that has Arno traversing Paris all over again. The difference this time is that the adventure is actually enjoyable, even if the story itself seems forgettable. At least Ubisoft put out a polished product that wasn’t plagued by major technical difficulties.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings atmosphere is dark.

The gameplay hasn’t changed at all. There is still plenty of parkour to be done above and below the ground in Paris, plus plenty of easy puzzles to be solved. The guillotine weapon is what it’s all about. It is without a doubt a strong weapon, but not the best weapon to use when surrounded by a lot of enemies. Along with a new story, there are even more collectibles to find. If you’re still wondering about those pesky Initiates chests and whether they are unlocked, fear not because they are. The Initiates website has been down for sometime and, with that, all of those pretty yellow chests have been unlocked.

When playing in the catacombs you think you’re Indiana Jones.

For what it’s worth, Assassin’s Creed Unity “Dead Kings” is still worth getting; it is free after all. Even though the story is lacking it still ties into the massive Assassin’s Creed universe. Don’t put it past Ubisoft to use the DLC to set up Assassin’s Creed Victory. Ubisoft gets credit for finally releasing a finished product, but it’s still unfortunate that it took a massive fallout from a buggy launch to set things right for most gamers. Overall, the campaign is short and can be finished in one sitting if you put your mind to it.

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Review Statement: The author of this review downloaded the DLC for the Xbox One platform for the purposes of this review.

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