Trying to come up with an original concept for a game can be hard; the idea alone sounds daunting. Developers will find inspiration in many of their surroundings or life experiences. Back to Bed was developed by a group of students from DADIU in 2011 and was influenced by artists Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. Fast forward a few years and the developers offered their game on Kickstarter for crowd-funding. It garnered enough backers to get Back to Bed made for Android, iOS, and Steam in 2014, then in came LOOT Interactive to publish the game for Sony.

Back to Bed is a puzzler about Bob and his sleepwalking dreams. When Bob goes to bed and begins sleepwalking, you must use the help of his sub-concsious called Subob ,and a green Escher Apple to find his way back to bed. As Bob sleepwalks, footprints appear in front of him to provide aid in knowing where to place the apple to help Bob turn at the precise moment. Without the help of the apple, Bob will walk right off the edge, so the footprints are very important as he maneuvers his way through the puzzles to get back to bed.


Given that Back to Bed was inspired by two of the biggest names in art, it’s not hard to think that the environment shouldn’t have come out better. The graphics in Back to Bed are simple and seem dated, even though the environment plays off the strange and colorful art created by Escher and Dali. Subob is adorable and strange looking at the same time, and seems fitting for something a sub-conscious would create.

Back to Bed does not offer much of a story, instead it’s fleshed out through various cut scenes. A game like this does not really need a story, as solving the puzzles is enough to keep the player engaged for the most part. The levels take a while to develop difficulty and the 60 puzzles will allow plenty of time to master how to navigate each level.


Back to Bed is a creative attempt to fuse art and puzzles together that falls short as the dated look and lack of story bring the overall experience down. The tiny details from Escher and Dali is what makes Back to Bed stand out from other puzzle games, and Subob is a nice companion to have if you want help getting back to bed. The game retails for $19.99 ($14.99 for PS+ members) and that seems a bit steep for a game that does not have much to offer. If you like puzzles and want too enjoy some cool art then pick up Back to Bed.

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