Join Mama in the kitchen to create many different sweets and treats in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop! Players get to create sixty different recipes including tarts, cupcakes, cookies, and puddings. Keep your customers happy by making your treats perfectly and completing over 160 mini-games with Mama! Using the Nintendo 3DS stylus and even the microphone, players have to cool, bake, slice, stir, and decorate their creations. Arrange and display your treats in your very own sweet shop to keep every customer happy and wanting more. Players can even expand their sweet shop and trigger special events. Don’t worry if you make mistakes; as always, Mama is there to help you!

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is much more enjoyable and satisfying than I thought it was going to be. When I first began playing, I was hesitant because it almost felt childish and boring. As I played on, though, I found myself not wanting to put my 3DS down. I truly enjoyed each step of each recipe such as stirring, kneading, baking and even simply cracking eggs. I found this game relaxing after a long day of work and homework; it’s enjoyable to sit down and make sweet treats with Mama (who is super adorable).

The music and sound effects in this game I can only describe with a couple words: bubbly, whimsical, and day-brightening. Colors are vivid and bold, and there are sparkles everywhere. It’s just an overall bright and fun-looking game! The sound effects for the actual cooking and preparing of your sweet treats are rather authentic, as well. From cutting up chocolate to whisking your eggs and sugar together, the sound effects are pretty satisfying.

I didn’t have any issues with Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop. There were no technical errors or anything like that, the only problem I have with this game is that there is no main goal. I have always played games that have an ultimate goal at the end, but this game is more casual. Other than that, Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is a super fun way to relax and even make you hungry for real sweets.

I’m so glad I had the pleasure of reviewing this game. Check out the official Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop screenshots below!

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