Having a powerful sounding portable wireless speaker can make you the savior of an impromptu party, or the hero of a beach bash thanks to the booming sounds they can create when streaming tunes from your mobile devices. Let’s face it, parties, beach excursions, or even winter ski trips just aren’t the same without some tunes blaring into your ears, and not the muted weak sounding tones that your mobile devices can produce on their own. The louder the music, the more fun people seem to have, so leaving home without a portable wireless speaker when you go on vacation, or even just a quick trip, just doesn’t cut it if you want to be the heartbeat of the particular event.

Unfortunately, many of these portable wireless speakers are bulky, costly, and not made for harsh environments that could see water, snow, or other liquids getting splashed onto said speakers, effectively breaking them and leaving you with a hole in your bank account. Although, Creative, the makers of the amazing Sound Blaster unit, have released a much more portable wireless speaker that also conforms to IP66 weatherproof certification standards, so it can take a direct splash to the grill, ocean mist, or some displaced pool water after your chubby uncle empties the pool with a cannonball, without damaging its internal components. This magical little device is called the Creative Muvo Mini, and it truly is a highly affordable, awesome sounding portable wireless speaker that happens to be weatherproof.

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Sound Quality

Being small and weatherproof is awesome and all, but when it comes to any portable wireless speaker, the biggest concern should be its sound quality. The Muvo Mini, even with its diminutive size, packs quite an audible punch thanks to its two full range micro drivers and dedicated front bass radiator. The bass isn’t as booming as more expensive models may feature, but the overall sound quality is more than able to fill a room and trick people into thinking they’re listening to a full fledged stereo system. Even when the volume is fully jacked up the tones remain clear and don’t sound like they’re about to blow a speaker.

The Muvo Mini can fill a room or outdoor space with booming sounds
The Muvo Mini can fill a room or outdoor space with booming sounds

The Muvo Mini instantly turns any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth enabled device into a portable boombox that can easily hang with much pricier units. The bass is obviously lacking a bit thanks to the small size of the speaker, but it isn’t so hollow sounding that you’ll feel like your music has been neutered. Just don’t expect to rattle any windows or blow anyone’s hair back with bass tones that sound like they’re coming from a 100-watt subwoofer.

Build Quality

The Creative Muvo Mini truly is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or a pocket, as long as you’re not a hipster sporting skin tight jeans. It feels light as a feather thanks to its sub 10 oz. weight, which may lead you to believe that it can’t belt out the tunes, but as we all know, size isn’t everything, right ladies? Length wise it’s just a bit taller than a phablet, clocking in at 7.4 inches, and its width stays under the 2-inch mark. There are four colors to choose from with each of them featuring a matte style finish. To keep its IP66 weatherproof certification all buttons and ports are covered with rubber.

Pint-sized punch
Pint-sized punch

Both manual and NFC Bluetooth connections are available, as well as an AUX port in the back for direct connections. The buttons are responsive and the rubber port cover is a breeze to open and close. The front of the speaker features a thatched designed grill that helps to keep water out. During testing I used the Muvo Mini in the shower, so it got thoroughly soaked. I didn’t notice any hiccups in its operation, nor did the sound lose quality. There’s no doubt that the Muvo Mini can handle direct water splashes and extended sprays to its face, but I wouldn’t plan on using it as a football while you’re in the pool.


This little speaker is well worth its low Amazon price tag of $39.99 as just a music player, but it can also double as a speakerphone. Calls can be answered and ended right from the speaker’s buttons, and the clarity is spot on. There’s no reason why this device couldn’t double as an office speaker phone, so it has its uses outside of brining your parties and gatherings to the next level.

The Muvo Mini can also serve as a speakerphone
The Muvo Mini can also serve as a speakerphone

The USB chargeable battery is also competent thanks to its 10-hour capacity. It charges with USB, so finding an open port is all you need to keep it juiced up.

Final Thoughts

The Creative Muvo Mini is literally a steal at $39.99, so much so I feel like Amazon muffed its price. Even at its standard price of $59.99 it’s still worth the investment. It’s highly portable thanks to its small size and 9.6 ounces of weight. The sound it produces rivals other portable speakers that can cost well over $100. Outside of its less than punchy bass tones, the Muvo Mini is highly capable of bringing loud clear sounds to a party, or outdoor event. Best of all it can even take a beating from the elements and keep on ticking, so if you get caught in the rain with it, or someone gets overzealous in a pool with their splashing, you don’t have to worry about it going up in flames.

The Muvo Mini isn't afraid of water
The Muvo Mini isn’t afraid of water

If you’re in the market for a portable wireless speaker but don’t have a ton of cashflow, Creative’s Muvo Mini is the way to go. Your ears and wallet will thank you for the investment. Head on over to Amazon to get it for $20 off its retail price (Black and White models only).


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Review Statement: The author of this review received a sample unit from Creative for the purposes of this review.

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