Halo Wars 2 is now available for Ultimate Edition owners, and will soon be available to everyone on February 21st, but we were lucky enough to get early access to provide a review, which you can watch below. If you’d rather not watch the video you can read the script for it, which is embedded after the video itself.

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Hey now space marines, Matt Heywood here from to bring you a review of Halo Wars 2, which is out now for Ultimate Edition owners, and will release in full on the 21st for everyone else.

Halo Wars 2 picks up where the original left off, but thanks to a clever timeline trick the events featured within its campaigns are now in line with the Halo universe through Halo 5.

You’re tasked with leading the Spirit of Fire’s forces against a new powerful enemy threat in the form of the Banished, who are led by Atriox, a badass mother humper who is hellbent on taking any faction out en route to his ultimate plan of galactitc domination.

When your crew awakes out of hyper sleep your above The Ark from Halo 3, which is also where you run into Atriox for the first time. This effectively kicks off the campaign, which I found to utterly enjoyable and offered up a solid Halo narrative with ties to Master Chief’s latest trilogy of games.

The missions are varied, as well as the environments, which helps to promote use of all sorts of different units and strategies. Some chapters offer tower defense style gameplay, while others offer more traditional RTS objectives, so the mix of campaign missions helps to keep it feeling fresh with every new act.

The narrative is complimented and enhanced by some of the most masterful looking Halo cinematics around compliment of Blur Studios. The visual fidelity is top notch, and the story they tell are engrossing enough to keep you pushing through the game’s 6-10 hours campaign depending on difficulty and how many achievements you want to secure.

The visuals of the actual game engine are very pleasing to the eye as well, and the amount of animated characters on screen at any given time shows just how powerful the game’s engine is.

Considering that Halo Wars 2 is a RTS style game it also offers a wide variety of multiplayer modes, which can mostly be played solo or with a friend, or online in up to 6 player matches. I should also mention that the campaign supports co-op too, and is highly recommended to take advantage of.

The multiplayer modes range from standard RTS style matches to the new Blitz mode, which is a much more arcade style approach to RTS gameplay thanks to its use of cards and no resources. You essentially pick a leader class and a deck of unit cards and then must hold points on a map until you hit the win mark. It can also be played solo in a Firefight style presentation, or just against AI, and most of the other modes offer similar configurations.

The good thing about Halo Wars 2 multiplayer is that it can be enjoyed when just playing against the AI, so even if you can’t find a match, you can still get an honest test from the AI, giving the game plenty of replayability.

I’m a huge Halo fan and I wasn’t disappointed in the least with Halo Wars 2, which definitely improves upon the original on all fronts. The campaign is gorgeous and enthralling, and does a great job at tying the game into the Master Chief timeline as it stands through Halo 5, so there is a bit of lore to be learned. The only knocks I can come up with is that load times sometimes get a bit long between missions, and Blitz features micro-transactions, but I don’t consider either of those to be game breakers.

Halo Wars 2 earns a solid 90 out of 100 from your friends at Entertainment Buddha, so it is definitely recommended for purchase.

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Review Statement: The author of this review received a code from the Publisher for the purposes of this review.

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