If you’re a glutton for punishment, High Noon Revolver is definitely right up your alley. The 2D action shooter from the developer of Dungeon Souls refuses to go easy on anyone, with no difficulty level it throws you right into the hail of bullets you must over come to defeat your enemies. I put a good couple hours into this game until I was able to hone my skills enough to beat the first level and move on. I have to admit though, defeating one of the level bosses fills you with a great sense of accomplishment, that other games I’ve played recently have failed to make me feel. That feeling doesn’t last long though because a few mistakes can leave you dead, and starting back at the beginning as there are no checkpoints.

The game does reward you for sticking with it, as the longer you play, the more points you accrue which will unlock new characters with different abilities that allow for different play styles. Along with different characters a store chest will appear once in awhile and if you have the coin you can purchase a helpful item. These items continue with you from stage to stage, the more items you gather the stronger you get. Keeping a combo is important as well as you’re able to get your score higher, but if you get hit it breaks. Along with points for killing them, the enemies will occasionally drop a coin or heart to refill one of your hit points. Plenty of encouragement for carrying on, sometimes that random heart can be a godsend.

You start with one gunslinger at the beginning: Wesley who is a pretty vanilla character, but you quickly unlock more if you can manage to keep a combo going and build up those points. Out of the six I unlocked, I played the best with Fara since her ability makes clean up a little easier and I worked well with her weapon. Each character has a special ability, some that you have to activate, others that activate on their own like Fara’s orbs. The nice thing about it is that the characters don’t really have much in common in the way of weapons and their ability. It makes you experiment and really figure out on your own how to make your way, which I admit is a little disorienting in the beginning. The closest thing to a tutorial the game has is telling you a gamepad is recommended as soon as you boot it up. Which I highly recommend, this is definitely not a keyboard and mouse game, I tried that and felt like I was fumbling to move my character correctly. As far as the tutorial goes, there aren’t many controls and you can always look them up and remap them from the menu.

The levels do differ in design, with different scenery and setup, the first is a desert with three platforms that continue on until you reach the boss. The next, set in a forest has breaks here and there in the platforms which forces you to think a little more about your movements, which need to be somewhat precise to survive. The characters you fight are level specific, which also causes the player to change strategies slightly as you go along, but the main strategy is still pretty much: stay moving! Since the level scrolls on it’s own, and the number of ambushes you experience seems to be random. You have to be ever vigilant, but are rewared with a small breather to collect yourself after each ambush with the appearance of either a regular chest containing coins or a heart, or a store chest. Once you reach the boss you definitely know it, with the classic telltale signs like a giant health bar and unique character model. The attacks are unique for each boss, some have missiles, others have lasers, but they all have tells as well.

High Noon Revolver definitely keeps you engaged and on your toes. It’s very hard to put the controller down once you start and I would recommend everyone to give it a go! From the colorful levels to the challenging bosses I had a great time once I took a deep breath and persevered. High Noon Revolver released on Steam and The Humble Store on Wednesday January 25th, for Windows, Mac and Linux will be along very shortly. It’s available for $10 and it’s 10% for the first week so get it while it’s hot! I’m off to go collect on some more bounties, talk to you soon!

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Review Statement: The author of this review received a code from the publisher for the purposes of this review.

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