What can be said about Human Fall Flat that hasn’t really been said already? It’s blown up in the YouTube community because of how hysterical it is to watch or play, and when it was at PAX East this year, there was always a crowd around it! Some games are great because they deliver amazing visuals, fast thrills, engrossing stories, or all of the above. Human Fall Flat delivers none of those, but what it does deliver is laughter, and in the best way possible. What I mean by that is that you and a friend will be laughing the whole way through, no matter how good or bad you are at the game. That, to me, is one of the best things a game can do. If it can be crazy entertaining and require little to no engagement to characters or story, that’s brilliant.

The gameplay is simple and easy to get into as you only really use three buttons in Human Fall Flat. You can jump, and you can control both of your hands by sticking them out and grabbing onto objects. That’s really it. The puzzles start off super easy, just hitting buttons, walking through doors, flipping switches–stuff like that.

You can immediately start the game multiple ways, as there’s always a bunch of different options at your disposal in order to tackle every puzzle. There’s always going to be an obvious way to do each one; but, if you think outside the box, you’ll usually find an odd and, sometimes, easier way to finish each level. You can find shortcuts or even just more exciting ways to complete each level, such as navigating a dark maze or swinging over a bottomless pit!

The visuals are extremely simplistic, but I rather like it. It does the job that it needs to do, and even though I played the Xbox One version, I could still play it on my rather crappy laptop. I think that’s a great thing. It means that as many people as possible can play this game, even if they don’t have a current gen console or top-tier gaming computer.

Human Fall Flat doesn’t shatter any expectations. It’s not a technological masterpiece. It doesn’t have an orchestral soundtrack, and it doesn’t need it. Everything that makes this game what it is are the experiences you’ll have playing it with your friends. The simplistic gameplay, goofy rag doll physics, simple graphics, and hidden paths in every level keep it fresh! Not only that, but it’s a great game to try and speedrun as you can tackle any obstacle by performing a rather difficult swinging climb (I learned that maneuver from the devs at PAX).

I highly recommend this game to, well, pretty much everyone. It’s a blast, especially with friends!


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