Lunatik Epik Protective Case and Band for Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch has been out in the wild for close to 2.5 months now, which means more and more third party accessories have been made available for it. One of the best features of the Apple Watch is the ability to customize its look and feel through the various bands you can buy for it. Apple offers its own collection of bands for all models of the watch, but some get a bit pricey, so it’s nice to know that there are a few third party candidates to choose from, which can not only change the look of your watch, but also protect it.


One line of third party Apple Watch bands that offers owners of the device a new style to sport, but also adds some protection to the watch face, is Lunatik’s Epik, which sports a rugged silicone band and polycarbonate case. This band/case combo retails for $69.99 and comes in a few color options, such as white, black, bright yellow, and grey.


Installation is quite simple, but definitely more cumbersome than swapping the official Apple Watch bands thanks to the fact that you must use a tiny screwdriver and two screws to mount the watch face into the protective case. The process probably takes 2-3 minutes, which isn’t bad considering how awesome it makes your Apple Watch look, but it’s also not as efficient as Apple’s bands, which literally take 30 seconds or less to swap out.



Visually, the Epik adds a noticeable amount of girth to the watch due to a much thicker and wider silicone band, as well as the face case, which transforms the 42mm wide Apple Watch into a 50mm plus behemoth. I love oversized watches, so I appreciate what the Epik can transform the Apple Watch into, but the large size may be a bit much for people with small wrists, or those looking for a sleeker look.


I picked up the white version of the Epik thanks to its Stormtrooper look and feel. The stark white coloring makes the watch pop on your wrist, while the plastic dial, side button, and band button contrast nicely with their black coloring. If I could load a Stormtrooper’s face on the screen the illusion would be complete, that’s how radical this band/case combo can make your already awesome Apple Watch Look.

Build Quality

The Lunatik Epik contains two screws to hold the bands in place, as well as to secure the watch face into the protective bumper style covering. This creates two seems at the top and bottom of the case, which one would think looks a bit shady, but it almost adds to the visual transformation to the point where I don’t even notice the cracks anymore.


The band itself feels rugged and is secured with a plastic clasp. The clasp feels sturdy and not like it could break at any moment. There’s also a removable plastic nub that you can use to secure any extra band length after clasping the watch to your wrist.


The side dial that covers the digital crown tends to slip a bit, so scrolling through the Apple Watch’s screens don’t feel as smooth as when the digital crown is turned on its own. I found that by putting a slight amount of pressure on the plastic dial resolves this issue, but it is definitely a slight issue at first.


Final Thoughts

When you consider that the cheapest Apple branded watchbands retail for $49.99, the extra $20 you spend on the Lunatick Epik is worth the protective case it offers, as well as the drastic visual change it provides for the watch itself. Installation definitely is a bit more cumbersome than the official Apple Watch bands, but the resulting style change this band provides is worth the few minutes it takes to install it. I appreciate the oversized look it provides to the point where I know I’ll probably be purchasing another color to give myself a whole new Apple Watch once it’s installed, so yes, I highly recommend picking one up if you own a 42mm Apple Watch.

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Review Statement: The author of this review purchased the Lunatik Epik for the purposes of this review.

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