Break into the world’s most secure facility using lightning speed teleportation skills, or shift through walls (and even bullets) to be everywhere all at once. Toy with enemies by using distractions and trickery to lure them to their deaths using different objects around you, such as the tridents–a personal favorite.

This, my good friends, is Mr. Shifty.

I played a demo version for a preview a few months ago, and I enjoyed every aspect the game had to offer. Mr. Shifty has a simplistic style with a genuinely unique twist. The game is certainly not easy, per say, but it is pretty forgiving. As players fight their way through the facility floor by floor, the game gives them tons of places to hide, many different weapons to use on their victims, and fun little set-ups that must be triggered to destroy large groups of enemies. Players use the environment around them to confuse and kill enemies; with 18 stages and over 140 levels, the shifty badass fun never stops!

Mr. Shifty isn’t just a top-down action game–the developers threw in some puzzles and strategy. This makes the players have to think through certain actions in order to kill all enemies before they gang up and kill you. The addition of strategy to Mr. Shifty definitely made the game more entertaining to me because players actually have to take their time with each level. Players can’t speed run through the game, and the strategy and puzzles in each level keep the game fresh and fun!

I really enjoyed how Mr. Shifty has some cute little quirks about it. Whenever Mr. Shifty teleports, there are little puffs of black smoke. Players can destroy every inch of the environment, and so much more. The comic book style of Mr. Shifty makes the action look super cool, too. Everything is very colorful and bright and just easy on the eyes.

Many of the rooms look about the same because it’s a giant office building; there are cubicles, libraries, offices, etc. Though many of the rooms look the same, Mr. Shifty still thrills!

Mr. Shifty begins at Stage 1: Breach with twelve enemies pointing their snipers at the elevator expecting you. A message comes up on the screen from Nyx, another agent who helps you through the whole game. Nyx counts down (3…2…1), and you blast through the side of the wall killing all twelve men in the explosion. As you continue through the game, Nyx helps you find elevators to eventually reach the very top of the huge facility.

Might I also mention, the conversations between Nyx and Mr. Shifty made me laugh out loud at some points, which made me enjoy the game even more.

I particularly enjoyed the sound effects of Mr. Shifty. The crunch of each punch makes the defeat of enemies much sweeter and satisfying than any other game I’ve played. As you shift and slam through office equipment and glass, the sound effects stay up with the game play, so players should definitely keep the sound on or wear headphones.

Overall, Mr. Shifty passed my expectations. I was instantly attached and found myself playing for hours at a time, and the bugs I touched upon in my preview seemed to have disappeared.

To recap, I had two critiques. The screen would freeze but the game would continue to play behind it. This was frustrating because I would be mid-fight and I would end up dying and having to start over from the beginning of the stage again. The other critique was that the game would just crash at random times. To be clear, I did not experience any of these problems in this game review, so I’m definitely glad they fixed these bugs!

I’m so glad I had the pleasure of reviewing this game. Make sure to check it out on Steam right now!


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