Oh Pinstripe, what can I say about you? First of all, I can say that you’re creepy as hell. If Tim Burton created a game, it would be you. You made me laugh with your dark and taboo jokes, but you also made me fearful and uneasy with every step I took. What else can I say about you, Pinstripe? You totally rocked my socks.

Pinstripe begins with a light snowfall and extremely gloomy music. The quote “weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” appears and vanishes into the dark as you hear what sounds to be a rushing train.

In the first scene we see our first two characters inside the train, Ted (Daddy) and Bo (your daughter). After smelling smoke, you and Bo decide to explore the rest of the train–this is when the disturbing adventure begins. Ted, an ex-minister, must travel through the coldest and creepiest parts of Hell to find his kidnapped daughter. Players travel through six different haunting levels of Hell while using the slingshot to fight their way through disturbing beasts and quirky puzzles. Along the way, your family dog, George, helps you try to find Bo and rescue her from the incredibly creepy Mr. Pinstripe.

I truly enjoyed playing through this puzzle-platformer. It’s definitely a “casual” game, meaning that almost anyone can pick up a controller and play through it. Yes, I would say Pinstripe is somewhat easy, but the little puzzles and enemies can be difficult until players get used to the feel of the game.

The game is also quite short. It took me about four hours to complete, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Though the game takes place in Hell, it’s so charming I didn’t really want to leave.

The soundtrack makes Pinstripe an even better game; it’s very gloomy, yet surprisingly beautiful. All of the music was written by the game’s creator, Thomas Brush. The artwork is on a whole other level, too. It’s also very Tim Burton-ish, but it’s definitely unique to Thomas Brush, who created the entire game by himself…impressive as hell!

Each setting can go from calming to insidious in seconds, so players beware! The atmosphere of Pinstripe is what really got me. Each character from Mr. Pinstripe to Mr. Dicky is thought out and truly top notch. The voice acting is also noticeably fantastic; every character has some cuteness about them–especially Bo!

Overall, Pinstripe is a beautiful, beautiful game that definitely has replay value. The art, music, setting, voice acting–it’s all amazing. Though it is relatively short, I loved playing and exploring through the depths of Hell. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to review Pinstripe, and I highly recommend picking this up and playing it through to the very end.

To play Pinstripe, head to Steam!


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