Review: ‘Portal Knights’ Takes the Genre to New Heights

Believe me when I say, there are plenty of Minecraft clones out there. Whether you game on a console or your mobile phone or PC you can find these. What we are about to talk about though, is much more than that. This is Portal Knights, a well-crafted, sandbox style game with RPG and Minecraft-like elements. I want to preface this review by saying that this game is loads of fun. I don’t care if you’re a hardcore gamer with plenty of MC (This is how we’ll reference Minecraft from here on out) experience, or a casual gamer just playing in passing, Portal Knights is a lot of fun. This game mixes popular RPG elements into the crafting like over-arching genre and does it well.

The world of Portal Knights

We’ll open up with the overall style of the game. Once dropped into the world I was immediately met with bright, popping colors in a blocky like world. This was obviously one of many worlds I would go on to experience in Portal Knights. The music fits the locale well and gave me a sense of happiness and hope. Before all of this, you get to create your character. There are a lot of creation options here, from being able to pick from three classes, to changing the color of over 20 different hair styles. You can truly make a character that is unique to you in Portal Knights. There is a beginning tutorial to take you through the basics, after that, you’re on your own.

There are a lot of things borrowed in Portal Knights. You are given some basic gear to start off with so you aren’t punching trees all day. The tutorials will inevitably show you the ropes, how to create reagents, creating new furniture, building new things and so much more. The world is very user friendly at times and can be just as visceral. You can mine new ores, chop down trees to make houses, craft new gear and more. The crafting system is pretty simple to get behind. Gather the expected number of reagents to be able to craft something. I haven’t yet come across something that is too difficult to craft. There are a lot of different things to craft, but let’s get down to business, the LOOT.

One of the ferocious, dangerous Portal Guardians.

Every enemy drops some loot, whether it’s a small enemy or a Portal Guardian, you will get some sort of loot. This will vary between armor or weapons to small random ingredients with other uses. The point of the game is to go through these different worlds by fixing the portals in each realm. The portals are fixed by filling in all of the corresponding holes with that same color portal shield crystal. Each portal brings to you to one of 40 different worlds in this game. Each world is a different environment type, this means new types of enemies in each world. Some of the enemies were really easy to defeat, others took a little bit of learning. You have the choice to play in third of first person, picking third person really shows of the best parts of the game.  The combat felt good, more than just aiming and holding down my left mouse button. You have to dodge well placed attacks and wait for your openings to come up by reading your opponent.  As you progress you will get new equipment, fight new enemies, earn new skills and so on.

There isn’t a lot that Portal Knights is at fault for. I noticed that there are NPCs throughout each world that will sometimes give you quests to fulfill. I was doing a quest to kill a certain amount of enemies, and upon completion I realized that I had no way of tracking this NPC. There isn’t a mini map that I can remember. The lack of this map had me running around in circles, looking for the quest giver for a little over 15 minutes. Some aspects do seem stolen, like the blocky texture for the worlds along with the concept for the game itself. Past these conceptions, Portal Knights delivers on all fronts. Do you have what it takes to travel the worlds and defeat all of the Portal Guardians? Pick up Portal Knights when it releases and check it out!


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Review statement: The developer supplied a code for this game for the sake of this review.

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