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These days athletes and health minded individuals are always searching for an edge to make them faster, stronger, and better at whatever sport or activity they take part in. Supplements are consumed, shakes get drank, and new types of intense training are dabbled in to become a better you if you’re not the typical lazy person when it comes to your physique and health.

Powerhandz, a company that specializes in athletic gloves and sports training equipment, should be looked into if you’re serious about fine tuning your fitness or overall strength, especially in the grip department thanks to its line of training gloves. I recently had the chance to test out the company’s Striker Training and Pure Grip Lifestyle gloves, which both feature weights distributed throughout the glove to improve your grip, strength, reaction time, as well as any other physical benefits from adding additional resistance to your hand movements. I found both types of gloves to be useful, especially if you’re into boxing or MMA, or if you play a sport with a stick such as baseball, golf, or softball.


The Striker Training gloves are specially designed for use with boxing training to improve hand speed and reaction times. Thanks to the added weight, which comes in the form of metallic sand, your hands get an even distribution of resistance, so these aren’t like wrist wraps that may throw off the feel of your arm movements. They’re great for shadow boxing or working with a heavy bag and speed bag, and you don’t have to be a fighter to take advantage of them. As long as you wear them while you train you will realize the benefit, which will take time like any weight training program does to show itself to you and your friends. I also used them for walking and running activities, as well as doing circuit training involving cardio-based exercises, and in each case they kicked my butt compared to the same activities without the gloves.


The Pure Grip Lifestyle gloves on the other hand are more geared towards athletes or amateur sports fans looking to strengthen their grip. In particular, they’re meant for sports that involve some sort of stick, so baseball, softball, and golfers can all find advantages from using the gloves for their respective stick-based sports. Unlike the Striker Training gloves the Pure Grip variant is constructed with grip in mind, so the leather used in them closely resembles what you’d find in a baseball or golf glove. With that being said they could still be used in other activities such as walking, running, or other cardio-based exercises. I mainly used them with my golf clubs and did find them to make my hands feel just a bit lighter while swinging after I removed them. They also helped with the timing of my swing and feeling the pendulum effect of a proper golf swing thanks to the extra weight.

Powerhandz offers many other types of gloves, which are similar to the ones above, but also those that give you less grip. Yes, less grip, but think about catching a football or dribbling a basketball if you couldn’t get a firm grip on them. These gloves are designed to make your grip while catching balls even stronger because they force you to focus on your grip while using your fine motor skills. You can check these and the two pairs of gloves I reviewed above on the official Powerhandz online store. Most of the gloves retail for $69.99 (possibly cheaper from Amazon), which is a nominal price for the benefit of becoming bigger, stronger, and faster at whatever activity you like to partake in.


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Review Statement: The author of this review received samples from the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.

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