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My wife and I have been reading to our eldest son, now 4-years-old, since he was old enough to sit up. Getting him to read now that he has discovered the wonders of a smartphone has become slightly more challenging, but not impossible. Finding the right kind of reads is half the battle.

So, I’m always on the lookout for fun reads that are age appropriate for my Jedi padawan. And by appropriate I don’t just mean free of cursing and blood splattering, but not too wordy and filled with things he can’t grasp yet. So when I saw Super Powers! #1 by Art Baltazar and Franco last week, the award-winning creative team that brought folks Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, on the rack at my LCS it was an easy buy.

Today we read issue #1 together and he loved it as did I. It’s a fun comic read with the cool, funky art style of Baltazar. The book also features larger panels and letters, which makes it easier for the younger reader to take in. The all-ages mini-series revolves around a Batman-free Gotham City and Superman who lends a helping hand in his absence by fighting Mr. Freeze, the Penguin and other bad guys. While doing so he finds a clue that sends Wonder Woman off into space to find the Caped Crusader. A brightly colored comic adventure for all ages to enjoy.

Everyone can agree helping kids develop the habit of reading is extremely important and superhero reads like this are a fun way to help parents make that happen, while also spending quality time together. Issue #2 will be out in December and both my son and I look forward to reading it.

SUPER POWERS #2 – In Shops: Dec 28, 2016



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