When Marvel announced earlier this year they would be rolling out an all new Venom series I was pretty excited about it. Especially as the various variant covers by big names such as Mark Bagley, Gabriele Dell’Otto, & Clayton Crain started to be revealed. Well, this week Venom #1 (vol.3) finally hit comic shops, so how was this new series featuring everyone’s favorite symbiote? 

Sadly, I did not enjoy the first issue at all. As a fan of Venom since his genesis I felt a bit let down in both the art & writing categories. At first I thought maybe it was me so I read the entire issue a second time, but still the feeling was the same. It just didn’t do it for me and most likely issue #2 out in December will be the last issue from this series I will buy, but we shall see.

The one aspect I did like which happens to be a first in Venom comics is we are able see the actual thoughts of the symbiote. This is particularly interesting because we see the symbiote’s dissatisfaction with the behavior of the host he tries to bond with – a retired, disabled, Army Ranger name Lee Price. This is a bad dude who will basically do bad things as Venom and it appears he is able to control the symbiote better than the symbiote is able to control him. And that was the goal here with this new series, a return to a bad Venom:

“And yet, almost from his inception there’s been a tendency to drive Venom toward heroism. First he was a lethal protector, then a secret agent, and most recently a Guardian of the Galaxy. There have been hundreds of Venom stories over the years, and a plethora of them have been about Venom grappling with his own violent tendencies and trying to be a hero. Not this time.”

-Devin Lewis, Marvel Editor

asm-299Without a doubt the most sought after variant cover of issue #1 is the Todd McFarlane variant which is essentially a refurbished image from the end of Amazing Spider-Man #299 – the now famous “… I’m Home” panel, which happens to be going for an obnxious amount of money on eBay. I guess because of this cover part of me hoped for a return to this era of Venom where Eddie Brock, the first and best Venom, would make a comeback, but I was wrong. The David Michelinie and McFarlane days of Venom and Spidey are long gone and never to return. What we are left with now are fancy variant covers only. 

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